IronFX swindler: how are investors being scammed?

IronFX swindler: how are investors being scammed?

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IronFX Broker Review

There are quite a few dubious projects on the international market, and one of them is IronFX. It does not provide licenses or certificates that could confirm the high level of brokerage services. Instead, the official website of the intermediary contains words about world superiority, unique advantages and qualified employees. Which of this is true, and which is deceit, we will tell in today’s article!

Features of the exchange intermediary

IronFX started trading in 2010. It guarantees to provide the best conditions for institutional and retail clients. The exchange intermediary declares its desire to expand the range of services and improve the level of customer service. He has received several awards so far and now calls himself the world leader in online trading. Naturally, all these statements need to be verified. An unscrupulous project can publish any statements in order to lure wealthy investors to its platform.

Honesty review of IronFX broker

IronFX describes its accomplishments in numbers:

  1. At the moment, the company serves more than 1,500,000 customers from different countries.
  2. A registered trader receives 5 hundred financial assets.
  3. Brand representatives provide specialized support in 30 languages.
  4. The broker has won about 40 prestigious awards.

The firm allegedly strives for exceptional customer service by developing unrivaled software solutions. It provides access to 500 tradable instruments from 6 asset classes. All financial products are sold and bought through a single platform. The company claims that all trades are executed within a millisecond. It describes flexible leverage and extremely low market spreads. Studying the reviews of real traders, one can doubt these statements. Many traders point out that the company provides a freezing terminal, which shows an extremely slow withdrawal of orders.

IronFX Broker Trading Platform

How is the IronFX school organized?

On the site of the exchange intermediary, you can find educational materials that are available for beginners and professionals. The firm offers to download e-books for self-study. By reading textbooks on trading, a market player will master the basic principles and be able to start productive work on global exchanges. IronFX specialists conduct courses for traders of various professional levels. Every registered client can join the lessons and get the latest information from experienced traders.

IronFX mobile application

The exchange intermediary publishes a detailed report on market trends. He conducts seminars and webinars for his students. Lessons are held online, and therefore the client can ask the lecturer any question. To analyze the market situation, news reports and an economic calendar are presented. A trader can view trading videos, podcasts and a glossary of terms.

Among the educational materials there is a VIP-room. Access to it can be obtained only after a large replenishment of the deposit. The market player will be able to enjoy exclusive trading information and individual support from the best experts. He is provided with unique market forecasts and advice from practicing traders.

IronFX company website

IronFX Broker Reviews

The client received a no deposit bonus and quickly bled it. The manager admired his abilities and persuaded him to replenish the account. The brand representative argued that the market player would make big profits by using the right strategy. The client did not make a deposit, and the employees continued to call him. This may indicate the criminal intentions of the office, which encourages its consultants to obsessive persuasion.

Review of IronFX scam broker

The company is not a bona fide broker. IronFX has not withdrawn money for several months. Managers use standard clauses, promising payouts on a first-come, first-served basis. Support on the official site is incompetent. The complaint is considered within 3 months. The market player advises against contacting this project.

Negative review of IronFX scam

The scam places attractive ads, spending a lot of money and effort on it. The brokerage platform itself is not outstanding and does not stand out from the competition in any way. This software development does not allow you to set stops, profits work chaotically and unpredictably. The project staff are very slow and do not have a high professional level.

Negative Review of IronFX Scam

Past clients report constant conflicts with technical support. Every time you withdraw funds, there are problems. The office sets wild spreads, and orders are executed every other time. The platform freezes, as a result of which market players lose their savings.

Bad reviews about the IronFX broker

What does cooperation with the project bring?

Judging by the comments on independent resources, trading with IronFX is frustrating. Some traders can’t get their money while others point to poor working platforms. Orders are executed slowly, sometimes orders do not work. As a result, the market player does not receive any profit. He loses his investment and precious time that could have been spent on training. The office does not provide any useful experience, because its software developments are not at all of high quality.

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