Why is the XTrade brokerage project dangerous?

Why is the XTrade brokerage project dangerous?

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Review of the integrity of cooperation with the XTrade broker

XTrade is one of many scam firms that target newbies. They lure you in with nice stories about getting rich quick, without providing any real services. Deceived traders write negative reviews, but they cannot get their money back. To avoid falling into the trap of a scammer, today we suggest you read the review!

Distinctive features of an exchange intermediary

The XTrade office operates through a simple web portal. It consists of several pages and contains virtually no important information. Instead of a detailed description of trading conditions, you can read here empty promises of quick earnings. An experienced trader will immediately see through the deception, while a beginner is at risk. A cunning swindler does everything to attract a young investor.
Among its features, XTrade notes:

  1. Trade with confidence. The market player receives powerful financial resources and segregated accounts. The Company undertakes to make withdrawals quick and easy.
  2. Newest technologies. New generation platforms are provided. A trader can expect fast execution, the best tools and a user-friendly interface.
  3. Worldwide support. Free access to the world market is provided. The client is provided with a multilingual platform.

The company talks about providing quality services, but it does not have the best reputation. There are quite a lot of complaints on independent web portals. Market players regret that they contacted XTrade.

Advantages of the XTrade broker

Information about trading conditions

A registered client gets access to several financial assets. It can trade currency pairs, commodities, stocks, stock indices, precious metals. A web terminal is offered for placing transactions on the international market. It provides a rich set of functions and trading tools. All this supposedly provides an optimized experience. In fact, market players are complaining about XTrade trading systems. They indicate that the terminal is frozen and fake quotes are being supplied. Technical support staff are not able to solve the problems that arise. They don’t provide any help.

XTrade broker website

What do VIP clients get?

XTrade talks about providing quality service to wealthy investors. A market player with large starting capital can count on the following services:

  • Free tour to exotic countries. The client will travel around the world, gaining invaluable experience.
  • Corporate gifts, including electronic devices, sporting goods, etc.
  • A senior account manager is connected to the account.
  • A dedicated technical support team is provided that always stays in touch.
  • Individual bonuses available.
  • Reducing the spread. A professional trader can carry out transactions on the best terms.

The company guarantees priority withdrawal of funds, but you should not trust beautiful stories. Independent experts publish negative reviews about the project. Deceived clients talk about the criminal fraud of the office. They recommend avoiding a brand that is unable to provide legal documents.

XTrade broker trading terminal

Opinion on cooperation with XTrade

The company is called a sophisticated fraudster. Account managers are persistent and obsessive. They persuade you to top up your account, promising large profits. Market players are told about refunds in the shortest possible time. While gaining the trust of investors, they provide false signals that instantly drain the account.

Review of fraud by broker XTrade

The exchange intermediary does not provide its clients with quality advice. Terrible managers impose their opinions, forcing you to invest money. The client demanded to see the license, but the office employee accused him of criminal fraud and threatened him with legal action.

Review of the terrible managers of XTrade

The office works with constant jambs. The official XTrade website does not display correct information. There is an opinion that admins themselves close transactions by canceling stop orders. The platform freezes and old quotes are published on it. The exchange intermediary does everything to ensure that the market player loses his starting capital.

Negative reviews about the broker's website

The company disconnects its clients from the system. The trader cannot log into the account and place orders. He does not understand how to interpret such behavior. Traders regret working with XTrade. They observe server freezes and record global losses. The client filed a claim, but does not believe in compensation for damage. He recommends not registering with the brokerage system.

Bad reviews about cooperation with the XTrade broker

Is it worth trading with XTrade?

The brokerage project is engaged in the most ordinary scam. It does not provide fresh quotes or proper trading platforms. The staff does not provide professional assistance. Their only task is to put pressure on investors and lure out funds. Cooperation with the office will never bring the expected result. The trader will lose not only his money, but also precious time.
The company does not have any legal documents and is a standard scammer. She is trying to trap traders who will not check licenses or certificates. The office is not regulated, and therefore it poses a serious danger to the market player.

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