The whole truth about TeleTrade! Company and reviews analysis

The whole truth about TeleTrade! Company and reviews analysis

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TeleTrade Broker Review

A superficial review of the TeleTrade project indicates the honest activity of the broker, but one should not draw hasty conclusions. The company is licensed and positions itself as an honest intermediary, but is it really so? In today’s article, we will show the reader some comments that will cast doubt on the exceptional honesty of the firm. A detailed study of the office will help to avoid collision with scammers.

Overview of the TeleTrade brokerage site

On the main page of the web portal, you can find several bright banners that describe the company’s services. It publishes a call to invest in cryptographic currencies and other highly profitable assets. The exchange intermediary offers to open an account, download the terminal and start trading. He trains beginners, helping them to draw up the right strategy of behavior.

The company maintains social networks, publishes important news for free access. Communication with the consultant is carried out using a special form. In addition, it is possible to open an online chat or contact the provided phone number. The exchange intermediary promises high-quality support at any time of the day.

TeleTrade broker review and customer reviews

Features of the proposed accounts

TeleTrade provides a choice of several tariff plans:

  • Standard is the company’s most popular account. It allows you to take full advantage of the trading system without investing large sums. The trader gains access to currencies, digital coins, precious metals, commodities, indices and stocks. The main advantage of this tariff is the absence of additional expenses. There is no commission for making transactions or opening an account.
  • NDD is a tariff plan that allows you to make transactions at the best prices at the highest speed. The account was created specifically for advanced traders. The client gets direct access to interbank liquidity. He is provided with a leverage ratio of 1:500. Spreads from 0.8 points, the commission is 0.007% of the transaction. A trader can count on instant execution and the complete absence of requotes.
  • ECN – the tariff provides for quick transactions on the advanced Metatrader 5 platform. All trading operations will be processed using progressive algorithms. This will ensure maximum convenience of transactions. Spread from 0.2 points, and the commission is 0.008%.
  • A cryptocurrency account provides access to digital coins from anywhere in the world. It allows you to sell and buy bitcoins, earning on the high volatility of the instrument. There are more than 100 cryptocurrency pairs among the available assets.

If a person is just starting his professional development, he can activate a demo account. This account allows you to get real experience without investing your own money. All transactions will be carried out using virtual funds. The trader acquires unlimited capital, more than 100 financial instruments and the full functionality of an advanced terminal. The company claims that quotes are delivered in real time.

TeleTrade company website

Feedback from practicing traders

For the most part, this project has a positive reputation. Market players were attracted by rich experience and official registration. The company has been operating on the world market for over 20 years. When opening an account, the client was fully confident in long-term cooperation. He received payments several times and did not encounter delays.

Positive customer feedback about TeleTrade broker

The company provides paid training. Clients report that they completed the training program but expected more. At the same time, they started their trading activities and got a positive result. The manager provided the necessary assistance and in the first month of work the profit was 7%. The market player does not recommend training, but considers the firm to be a truly worthy broker.

Client feedback about TeleTrade

A potential investor should especially look at negative comments. On some web portals, they are in the majority. Many merchants report TeleTrade fraudulent activities. They indicate a refusal to return funds.

TeleTrade Broker Fraud Confirmation

Can you get rich with TeleTrade?

This company can be perceived in many ways, but one thing is clear – it is not an ideal representative of its industry. On some sites there are complaints that make you think about the safety of investing with TeleTrade. The official portal of the project is not outstanding and introduces the market player only with key information. Each merchant must make his own decision about cooperation with the project. Given the presence of negative reviews, we recommend checking the company in detail before replenishing the deposit.

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