About Us

We work for the benefit of traders

The Board Brokers project has been working for the benefit of traders for many years, publishing information for them about brokerage companies, popular exchanges, successful strategies and training courses. The company improves daily and expands the “range” of its articles. So, on our website you can find not only reviews and ratings, but also analytical materials, current news, trading tips and much more.

Company mission

The mission of the company is to provide free of charge to every investor and everyone who aspires to become one, high-quality materials that help to earn and gain experience.

Our goal

Our goal is to become an important site for a trader and an assistant in finding a really worthwhile broker / bookmaker / educational center.

Our advantages:

  • a team of professionals covering all the most important things in the financial market;
  • tracking news from around the world and promptly responding to them;
  • focus on real evidence and reviews of traders, and not empty words of offices;
  • presenting information in an accessible form for all investors;
  • Attention to each of the market sectors.
Looking for a reliable broker? We know what it looks like! Visit one of our sections dedicated to financial company reviews and read expert material on aspects of their work. If you are going to invest in a project that is not on the list, please notify our technical department. We will try to collect an up-to-date review about it with all the necessary checks and fresh reviews as soon as possible. Your confidence is our priority!

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