Who exactly is Weltrade?

Who exactly is Weltrade?

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Review of SCAM broker Weltrade

Weltrade is one of many fraudulent projects that seeks to attract attention with a bright cover. The brokerage web portal contains stories about a great opportunity to get rich. All these words are aimed at beginners, while experienced market players will quickly notice the deception. This project does not have any documents and does not provide real services. Today we will tell you how he implements his fraudulent schemes, taking away the money of gullible traders.

What characteristics does the project talk about?

Weltrade is a leading CFD trading broker. The market player is offered to develop unique strategies, turning them into real profit. The exchange intermediary declares its regulation, but does not publish any documents. The audit showed that this office does not have special licenses or certificates. It operates without regulation, and therefore can carry out any fraudulent schemes.
Among its advantages, Weltrade names:

  1. Rich experience of cooperation with traders. The exchange intermediary has been operating in international markets for 17 years. The project was created by a group of professionals who are interested in finance and information technology.
  2. Absolute leadership. The company has achieved tremendous success in serving market players. Currently the number of active clients exceeds 60,000.
  3. Quality service. Brand representatives advocate live communication with customers. They provide each market player with individual consultations, tips and advice. Consultants are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  4. High level of security. Since its founding, the project has been concerned about protecting client funds. A registered player can be sure of the safe storage of money.
  5. Regular promotions. The company often holds sweepstakes in which all registered customers can participate. The winner receives real prizes.
  6. Beneficial partnership. Currently, 40,000 people cooperate with the brand. The company calls itself a leader in affiliate payments.

The exchange intermediary colorfully describes its advantages, but how do they compare with reality? To understand the real prospects for cooperation with the project, you need to read the reviews of market players. There are comments on independent resources that will help you find out the truth.

Advantages of the Weltrade broker

On what terms are auctions carried out?

Weltrade has developed three tariff plans for registered clients. The Micro trading account allows you to start from 1 US dollar. The higher the starting entry threshold, the wider the potential opportunities of a market player. All traders get access to forex, precious metals, commodities, CFDs, digital coins and stock indices. Spreads are floating and depend on the current market situation. The client can use leverage in the ratio of 1:1000.
The company offers to carry out transactions through the MetaTrader platforms 4 and 5 versions. These software developments are considered the gold standard of the industry. They provide the trader with wide functionality and allow transactions to be executed within a few milliseconds. The advanced terminal provides 5 execution modes and a multi-currency strategy tester. The market player has thousands of ready-made algorithmic systems at his disposal. He has 6 types of pending orders available.
On the website of an exchange intermediary you can find a service for copying strategies. This software development allows beginners to receive signals from experienced traders, making profitable trades from the first day of work. To start trading activities, you just need to top up your account and choose the appropriate strategy. The service provides a complete list of traders, detailed statistics of all profitable and unprofitable transactions.

Terms of trading with broker Weltrade

Tools and educational materials

The company provides its traders with a trading calculator and an economic calendar. A market player can analyze the global market to determine the optimal moment to buy and sell financial assets. By tracking upcoming events, a trader can make a highly accurate forecast and make money on pricing. Specialists conduct an analysis and publish the results on the official Weltrade website. They cover the most important events and study their impact on investment products.
The company offers beginners to attend webinars or seminars. Experts conduct lessons where they talk about the basic principles of market trading. They provide tutorials on the trading platform. A market player can practice on a demo account. This is a risk-free account that allows you to safely test new strategies.

Weltrade broker trading terminals

Partnership with Weltrade

The exchange intermediary talks about its affiliate program, which involves several steps:

  • Registration and activation of the referral link.
  • Placement of marketing materials on your own resources.
  • Attracting clients and recording the earnings received.

The company claims profitable cooperation and quick payments, but you should not believe empty promises. A trader must remember that not all projects deliver on their promises. Before attracting new clients to the Weltrade system, you should carefully check the brand. If the project has been involved in scandals and fraudulent schemes, then you should refuse its proposals.

Weltrade affiliate program

Reviews from real Weltrade clients

A market player wanted to withdraw money from an investor’s account, but it turned out that such transactions were not carried out. The situation is very strange, because all payment systems operate in the investor’s region. Apparently, the brokerage project began to have serious problems.

Investor review of Weltrade

The company is a scammer who scams people out of large sums. Payments do not arrive, and employees do not strive to solve the problem. These are ordinary swindlers who deceive their clients. They write about zero spreads, while in reality the deductions reach up to 10 points. It is almost impossible to make money in this system, and it is especially difficult for scalpers.

Reviews of negative cooperation with broker Weltrade

Clients report poor brokerage service. The company’s employees have been behaving very arrogantly and unprofessionally lately. They make claims regarding the trading style of the market player. Managers claim that the trader opens trades too often, violating money management rules. Apparently, the office does not like the profitable trading of a system participant.

Negative review of cooperation with broker Weltrade

Who is Weltrade? Is it worth getting involved?

The brokerage project is very far from ideal. The audit showed that it does not provide quality services and does not provide clients with decent support. Employees only seek to lure money, but it is almost impossible to get help from them. Many merchants are having problems with withdrawals. The office does not want to give away the invested capital or the earnings received. She has absolutely no interest in enriching her client. The fraudulent broker Weltrade is doing everything to bankrupt the market player.

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