Who exactly is FxGrow?

Who exactly is FxGrow?

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Broker FxGrow review of the scammer

Exchange intermediary FxGrow talks about diligent work for 14 years. He encourages market players to join the system and achieve success. The company describes numerous advantages, but you should not make hasty conclusions. This article will help determine how FxGrow actually functions. The trader will understand what awaits him after registration and whether it is worth investing his savings.

How is a brokerage project different?

The official website of FxGrow states that the professional team is dedicated to creating a healthy trading environment. They are building a partnership network with participants from all over the globe. The company has allegedly won many awards for providing quality services in different countries. She is committed to supporting her clients throughout their professional development.
FxGrow names its characteristics that can attract new clients:

  1. Reliable protection and regulation by several regulatory authorities is provided.
  2. 24/7 support is provided via live chat, email or phone.
  3. The market player gets a wide choice of instruments. At his disposal are precious metals, digital currencies, commodities, currency pairs, etc.
  4. Fast execution of trading orders is provided. Trades are brought to the global market at speeds of up to 10 ms.

The project was born in 2008, and since then its influence has increased exponentially. It currently serves retail and institutional clients from 100 countries. In 2012, the brokerage web portal and the corresponding trademark were authorized by the Cyprus Securities Commission. The company is currently regulated by an international body that monitors the legality of its operations.

Review of the website of the brokerage company FxGrow

How are market trades carried out?

The exchange intermediary has developed three tariff plans. Trading accounts are suitable for beginners, confident traders and professionals. Novice market players can activate the tariff after depositing 100 US dollars. The trader receives spreads from 1.1 pips with zero commissions. Leverage reaches a ratio of 1:100. There is an option to use VPS hosting for $15 per month. There are no restrictions on trading strategies. The client can use research platforms and signals. The higher the starting deposit, the wider the potential opportunities of the market player.
FxGrow offers to carry out transactions using the MetaTrader 5 program. This is an upgraded version of the familiar terminal, which has standard functions and useful additions. It provides all the tools you need to trade productively in global markets. The user can enjoy advanced charting technology, sophisticated order management tools.
Software development from FxGrow has an intuitive interface that does not require a long learning curve and is perfect for beginners. A market player can use several types of orders, a variety of charts and analytical tools. The built-in news feed allows you to track important events and make informed investment decisions. Support for custom technical indicators is provided, it is possible to use advisors and set stop orders.

Trading tools of the broker FxGrow

FxGrow Tools and Services

The company offers to use a service to automate trading. A market player can register in the brokerage system, replenish the deposit and choose a suitable strategy. The robotic program will execute trades, increasing the starting capital. The investor can only observe the progress of the work and record the result obtained.
There is an economic calendar on the website of the exchange intermediary. In it you can get acquainted with upcoming events and their impact on the quotes of a certain financial asset. The market player receives a convenient calculator for quickly calculating potential expenses. All these tools will help you navigate the international exchange and draw up a competent action plan.

MT5 Trading Platform Broker FxGrow

Brand affiliate programs

FxGrow offers institutional players favorable terms of cooperation. She has developed a full package of services that may be of interest to specialized firms. Commercial offers were created taking into account the true needs of a potential partner. An institutional participant in the global market receives better liquidity, greater opportunities and superior functionality. The exchange intermediary points to excellent order execution, round-the-clock support and other advantages of its programs.
An institutional client can count on stable prices and access to the platform’s graphical interface. The partner receives complete anonymity. He can make transactions without disclosing personal information. Orders are executed with low latency, which allows you to implement any strategy. Provides access to a wide range of electronic liquidity providers through direct or cross-connection in data centers.

FxGrow Affiliate Program

Reviews from practicing traders

Traders are surprised that the company still exists. It sets high commissions that do not allow beginners to earn money. On the official website, FxGrow talks about receiving numerous awards, but this does not at all correspond to reality. The office promises the best spreads, while the commission fees are clearly inflated. On some instruments the spread reaches 15 points, which is 2-3 times higher than that of competing companies. In fact, we have a kitchen that is only hiding behind brokerage activities.

Negative review of cooperation with broker FxGrow

The company freezes accounts and refuses to withdraw funds. Support doesn’t respond. Apparently, the market player was simply cheated. Problems began after a year of normal cooperation. The client is disappointed with this action. Traders talk about constant server freezes. It is almost impossible to work in such conditions.

Reviews of scam company FxGrow

Clients note the privacy policy they observe with FxGrow. If previously the legal address was mentioned on the official website, now there is no useful information. Finding the location of the company is almost impossible. In the contacts section there are only phone numbers and email. Apparently, the project does not at all seek registration in a reliable jurisdiction.

Reviews about fraud by FxGrow

Is it worth investing with FxGrow?

The brokerage house has a negative reputation, and therefore we do not recommend investing free money and trading with it. She describes her advantages, but they are just empty words. In fact, the market player receives losses and quickly loses the initial deposit. The company FxGrow scams traders out of large sums. Many clients consider them scammers who have nothing to do with global markets.

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