Exchange Intermediary Atomic Analysis: What Are Customers Saying?

Exchange Intermediary Atomic Analysis: What Are Customers Saying?

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Atomic scam broker review

Atomic brokerage has an ambiguous reputation, but actively invites you to cooperate on world markets. She offers to invest in crypto-coins, getting a good final profit. The company calls itself the starting point for a journey into the world of digital currencies. Is it worth investing in a dubious project? The reader will find out the answer to this question in today’s article!

Broker Atomic: official site about advantages

On the site you can find out about a lot of fake benefits. The office is trying to attract attention through an extraordinary design, but in fact the web portal is a cheap parody of a broker. It is created according to a pattern that is inherent in most financial scams. The multilingual menu allows the trader to get acquainted with the information, but the translation is extremely poor. One glance is enough to reveal the standard sharashka.

The exchange intermediary calls his site the best place to invest free funds. It describes an advanced investment platform that clients purportedly receive. The company is based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It was established in 2018, and at the moment does not have a rich experience of cooperation with clients. Despite this, the office colorfully describes its advantages and calls for registration in the system.

Among the key advantages of the project is the safety and reliability of Atomic. The broker guarantees the safety of personal funds, qualified client support and a high-quality working platform. Each trader gets access to several investment channels. It can trade numerous financial assets from a single device connected to the Internet. All these advantages look very attractive, but a smart investor should carefully check the intermediary before investing.

Website of the crypto broker Atomic

Commercial offers Atomic. Company about the way of earning

The exchange intermediary claims that his client will be able to evaluate the advantages of the trading system literally in the first days of cooperation. The trader does not have to wait long in order to get his profit. All transactions are instantaneous, as are payouts to the market trader’s personal account. According to the brokerage, it provides secure and convenient wallets to all registered clients.

Atomic offers earnings in three stages:

  1. Create an account. A trader can fill out a questionnaire and get access to a personal account in a few minutes.
  2. Make your first investment. You need to deposit a certain amount of start-up capital.
  3. Get profit. After making an investment, it is necessary to monitor the growth or fall in rates. If the forecast is justified, then the exchange player will be able to withdraw his earnings.

The company has prepared several investment plans for beginners, which are easy to implement together with Atomic specialists. An overview of commercial offers is presented on the official website of the brand. Investments in solar energy will bring 6% per day, hydropower will enrich the investor by 8% per day. Gold is considered one of the most profitable instruments. It brings in revenue up to 20% per day.

Benefits of Atomic Broker

Atomic Brand Reputation: Trader Reviews

This firm calls itself a well-known international broker, while the test turns out to be another scam. There is very little useful information about the Atomic brokerage system on the official website. The negative published on highly specialized portals indicates the poor quality of the web resource, terrible translation and a large amount of “water” in the text. The company combines all the signs of deception.

Traders' reviews about Atomic broker

The brokerage is accused of fraud. She is considered a SCAM project, which hides behind an elite origin and a beautiful story. The company is allegedly located in the UAE, while in fact it does not have any supporting documents. Beautiful arguments about making money on cryptocurrency immediately raise doubts. The firm attracts with big promises, but does not plan to fulfill them.

Angry review about the broker Atomic

Can you get rich with Atomic?

The audit showed that this brokerage house is not worthy of trust. It is another SCAM project that has existed for only a few years. We cannot recommend cooperation with Atomic to an exchange player. The personal account of this broker allegedly allows you to choose an investment plan, but in fact only the founders of the project earn. They do not make payments and quickly take away the invested capital.

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