Is it safe to trade with Timestep?

Is it safe to trade with Timestep?

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Timestep Broker Review

Timestep company talks about the variability of trading strategies, quick access to financial markets. The company guarantees absolute security of trading transactions and a wide range of financial instruments. She points to numerous advantages, when in fact she functions through a cheap site. Is it possible to earn with this project? We will answer this question in today’s article!

What does Timestep promise? The company describes the benefits

Trying to attract as many active users as possible to its site, the company publishes its main advantages. She positions herself as one of the leading representatives of the industry, but does not provide any supporting documents. In this regard, an attentive user may have serious doubts about the decency of this office.

Timestep benefits include:

  • The presence of microlots. The trader gets access to the minimum rates, which reduces his potential risks.
  • Current quotes are supplied by international financial centers.
  • Replenishment of the deposit is carried out in several ways. In this case, there are no commissions at all.
  • The exchange intermediary takes care of its clients, providing them with a comfortable trading environment.
  • Payments are made after submitting a corresponding request to a Timestep representative. The broker promises to withdraw funds as soon as possible.
  • The firm claims to have licenses, but does not publish evidence of regulation by higher authorities.
  • The company describes a team that includes many specialists. All of them are driven by a common goal – to provide comfortable conditions for international trading.

Each exchange player can contact the support service. Specialists work around the clock, seven days a week. The website provides economic news and analytical reports on key events. The trader has access to information about the market, which helps to make fundamental analysis. The reader should study the brokerage resource and determine how true and useful the information presented is.

Timestep tariffs on the official website

The brokerage offers access to world exchanges in just 3 clicks. The trader only needs to register, make an initial deposit and start effective market trading. The intermediary has prepared several tariff plans, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. In order to determine the optimal account, an exchange player can familiarize himself with the available trading conditions.

Tariff Advantages Flaws
Newbie Allows you to start with a minimum deposit of $150. Instant order execution and 1:100 leverage are available. The trader receives relatively little leverage. Its market access is very limited.
Trader The minimum deposit starts at $1,000. The tariff plan was created for those who confidently trade in the world markets. Cryptocurrency trading, investments in PAMM accounts with Timestep are envisaged. Your personal account allows you to use leverage up to a ratio of 1:500. Some features of the trading platform are missing. A fairly high entry threshold, which can become an obstacle for novice traders.
Premium The account was created for professionals in their field. It provides priority service, access to indices and funds. A trader can insure the deposit or use the services of a personal manager. He is invited to open a personal PAMM account. The initial deposit starts from 10 thousand dollars. The client will have to pay a large amount in order to open access to all the functions of the working terminal.

Review Scam broker Timestep

Prospects for cooperation with Timestep

The audit showed that the company is rarely discussed online. The official site talks about quality service, high popularity among investors. In fact, the company is not in demand at all, and there are practically no mentions of Timestep on specialized portals. A review of third-party sites showed that the brokerage house is a typical scammer. Experts do not recommend contacting a dubious organization that does not provide any real documents.

User comments could shed some light on Timestep. There are currently no reviews, but they can appear literally at any time. The firm is actively promoting its services, and young investors are able to fall for Timestep’s bait. Negativity on specialized Internet portals clearly indicates the criminal machinations of the project creators. This SCAM was launched only to pump money.

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