Brokerage company ZFX: trading conditions and reviews

Brokerage company ZFX: trading conditions and reviews

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ZFX broker review

Exchange intermediary ZFX promises institutional execution for multi-asset trades. It provides seamless access to global market opportunities. The client can carry out transactions within 24 hours, 5 days a week. The company promises to provide an optimal trading experience, but how does the cooperation really work? In today’s review, we will talk about the real potential of the brand. The reader will understand how the company operates and whether it is worth working with.

Characteristics of the brokerage project

The company has its headquarters in the oldest financial center – London. It prides itself on promoting fair competition and openly advocating for tighter regulation. The exchange intermediary calls itself the world leader in trading currencies, commodities and bonds. He allegedly prioritizes financial stability and client interests. The company guarantees the provision of first-class trading services for all registered users. She points out that trading on is always positive, but how true is this claim? To get reliable information about the intermediary, you need to make your own analysis.

Why Choose a Broker Broker ZFX

ZFX talks about its competitive advantages:

  1. Multilingual customer support. Employees communicate in different languages, and therefore they provide qualified assistance, regardless of nationality.
  2. Liquidity providers are large financial institutions. The client gets unhindered access to the market, the opportunity to trade at the best prices. Thanks to the use of high technology, the company delivers fresh quotes.
  3. No dealing center. All transactions are executed without human intervention. Applications are processed by an automatic system and are instantly displayed on global markets.
  4. Transactions are executed using ECN technology. The client gets access to a deep liquidity pool and tighter spreads.
  5. Competitive trading costs. The company sets low spreads, commissions and swaps, which allows you to fix a good final income. Low margin collateral allows you to successfully hedge open positions.

The exchange intermediary is trying to present itself in the best light, and therefore publishes information about its positive aspects. To assess the real prospects for cooperation, it is necessary to check the reputation of the brokerage project. On the net, you can find comments from market players who have had experience trading on the website Reviews will help identify a scammer and choose a truly reliable broker for cooperation.

ZFX Broker Trading Platform

Trading tools and platforms

The exchange intermediary offers to use the economic calendar to track important events. A trader can watch the release of important news reports, making an informed decision to buy or sell financial assets. On the official website of ZFX, a platform based on Metatrader 4 is provided for download. The company talks about the important features of its development:

  • Wide variety of order types. A trader can use limit orders, stop losses and take profits. Trailing stop is available to him.
  • Automated trading with the help of advisors greatly simplifies the trader’s professional activities. The client can program the system and then automate market trading.
  • Testing strategies on historical charts is available. Before using the tactic, the investor can test in a risk-free mode.
  • Trading from the chart is envisaged. The client can place his trades directly on the graphical price visualization.
  • The exchange player receives advanced analytical tools and technical indicators. They help you analyze market data to make informed investment decisions.
  • The news feed allows you to track important events in real time. The trader will always stay up to date with market events.
  • The system has a one-click trading function. It allows you to make deals literally with one touch of the mouse.
  • The Depth of Market is a unique tool that gives an idea of ??available quotes and trading volumes.

About broker ZFX

A global market participant receives comprehensive reporting, thanks to which he can conduct profitable transactions. He has access to news reports that have an impact on world markets. By viewing this information, a trader can analyze quotes and place correct orders. Before starting trading activities, a market player is advised to carefully check the reputation of the project. Not all brokerage firms fulfill their agreements and provide clients with favorable trading conditions.

Opinion about ZFX broker

Opinion about ZFX: reviews of practicing traders

Foreign market players report fraudulent activities of the broker. They indicate that they lost large sums through the fault of a swindler and were forced to contact specialists for the return of funds.

Negative feedback about the broker Broker ZFX

The company is registered in an offshore zone, and therefore, if problems arise, the regulator will not understand the issue. Clients are upset by the working terminal of the broker. The system often exhibits freezes and crashes. Support does not solve the problems that have arisen, consultants are not distinguished by responsiveness or a high professional level. Apparently, the company paints quotes, because the player noticed fake candles in his terminal.

Negative reviews about ZFX broker

Who is ZFX: a broker or a swindler?

The exchange intermediary colorfully describes the benefits of market trading, trying to attract as many gullible players to their platform as possible. It promises competitive prices, clear quotes, and quality customer support. The audit showed that the company acts like a fraudster, brazenly deceiving its customers. The quality of trading platforms leaves much to be desired, and consultants do not fulfill their duties. There are many negative reviews on the net, and therefore we do not recommend contacting the ZFX project.

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