Moneta Markets analysis. Is it worth believing?

Moneta Markets analysis. Is it worth believing?

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Moneta Markets Broker Review

Moneta Markets offers to experience the future of online trading. The company allows trading using currency pairs, stock indices, commodities, CFDs, funds and bonds. It claims to bring deals to global markets at the lowest cost. The exchange intermediary describes numerous advantages, but how do they compare with the real state of affairs? In today’s review, we will tell you how the project functions and whether you can rely on it. The investor will receive reliable information, after which he will be able to make an informed decision.

Features of the brokerage project

On the official website, Moneta Markets calls itself the leading CFD broker. She names her mission, which is to provide unrivaled access to the 900 most popular financial assets. The company has created unique trading platforms that provide an easy opportunity to get rich. They provide for a quick withdrawal of orders to world markets, allowing the trader to quickly buy and sell investment assets.

The exchange intermediary talks about the advantages that distinguish him from most representatives of the industry:

What can you trade with Moneta Markets

  1. Simple account opening. To start trading activity, it is enough to enter some personal data and replenish the deposit.
  2. The client receives at his disposal powerful platforms that allow him to carry out profitable transactions.
  3. Deposits and withdrawals are extremely fast.
  4. Margin trading is available with leverage up to 1:500.
  5. The client receives more than 1,000 financial assets to diversify the investment portfolio.
  6. Low trading costs are envisaged. The trader will pay minimal commissions and spreads, fixing a large final revenue.
  7. The exchange player receives protection from a negative balance. He will never lose more than he has invested.

The company claims to be regulated by supervisory authorities, but this claim needs to be verified. There are many intermediaries on the world market who hide behind market trading, but carry out illegal operations. To determine the true motives of the company, you need to independently analyze its services.

Moneta Markets Broker Trading Platform

Trading Platforms Moneta Markets

The company offers to use one of the progressive terminals. It allows you to start from a replenishment of 50 US dollars. Account opening is quick and easy, and the deposit fee is $0. Among the software developments of Moneta Markets:

  • PRO TRADER is a web platform for professional traders. It provides free access to the market, allows you to trade using popular indicators and charts. The trader receives extensive technical analysis tools, including lines, correction levels, and chart patterns. All this allows you to carry out accurate transactions and earn on global markets.
  • METATRADER 4 is the most popular platform, which is equipped with a huge number of indicators and advisors. It features powerful charting solutions. The client receives a variety of analytical tools to implement various strategies. A trader can use automated trading systems. By launching the adviser, the investor will trade 24 hours a day.

There is also a mobile application that allows you to carry out transactions from anywhere in the world. A market player will buy and sell financial assets through a smartphone, following price charts and inferring potential trend direction. The client gets free access to technical indicators and oscillators. He also has access to automated trading. Trading on is positioned as a simple and completely safe activity, but does this correspond to the real state of affairs? To answer this question, you need to do your own brand analysis. A potential client should familiarize himself with the comments of specialists, determining the opportunity for earning in the brokerage system.

Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader PRO

The reputation of Moneta Markets. Trader reviews

Market players talk about intrusive project employees. As soon as the investor has visited the official website, managers try to lure him into their trap. They persuade them to invest large sums, driving a person into a debt hole. At first, the trader was allowed to withdraw part of the profit, but then he merged all the capital. Representatives of the brand stopped getting in touch and solving the problems that arose. Apparently, the company is engaged in fraud. Some market players are waiting for withdrawal for 5 months.

Negative reviews about the broker Moneta Markets

The exchange intermediary conducts dubious activities in global markets. Users claim that it is impossible to make money on Reviews speak of inadequate trading conditions. The company blatantly lies about low spreads, which show a significant expansion during practical trading. The Metatrader platform works fine, but alternative terminals are not suitable for market trading. The execution of orders is terrible, and therefore it is almost impossible to make money in the brokerage system.

Bad reviews about Moneta Markets

Is it worth registering in the system?

The company has an extremely bad reputation, and therefore a trader should not join it. Exchange players talk about terrible trading conditions and the lack of a real opportunity to earn money. Some traders faced the problem of withdrawing funds. They are unlikely to receive their money, because they expect payment within 5 months. Apparently, the Moneta Markets project is engaged in a real fraud, and therefore we do not recommend cooperating with it.

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Louise Elizabeth

Moneta Markets is a big scam, I invested a lot of money in this company and everything was going good until I said I wanted to withdraw and all my money was gone. I paid 240,000 Euros, they won’t allow me to withdraw any of my money out, I email them everyday, once you put money in, you can’t get it out. I finally was able to get my money back with the help of a recovery chargeback service done by (********** His reliable chargeback firm, you can contact him if you need, He can help you get your life back like he did for me, I guess this information may be useful.

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