What pricing plans does the Cauvo Capital broker offer?

What pricing plans does the Cauvo Capital broker offer?

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Review of the brokerage company BTG Capital

Cauvo Capital is a popular international broker, which Russian-speaking investors have been talking about more and more online lately. In this article, we will discuss the trading conditions of the company, namely the accounts that it offers, and also find out if it is possible to cooperate with it.

General information about the company

First, let’s talk a little about the financial intermediary. Cauvo Capital is a fairly well-known brokerage brand in the global market, registered in Mauritius. He specializes in asset trading in the Forex, stock and cryptocurrency markets.
The broker operates legally, on the basis of a license issued by the FSC. It also provides public access to its main documentation in the “About Us” section.

Terms of trade

The main attention on the broker’s website is given to trading conditions. Right on the main page there is a table of available market instruments:

  • currencies;
  • indices;
  • securities;
  • commodities.

Margins are low and spreads start at 0.1 pips. In general, these conditions look quite attractive.
You can open orders with all of the above Cauvo Capital assets on one of your trading accounts. Customers can choose from eight available options. Each of them differs not only in the price threshold, but also in the benefits provided. Let’s consider everything in more detail.

Beginner account

This tariff plan, according to the company itself, is most suitable for beginner stock players. It includes basic market access. This means that the client will open transactions for the purchase and sale of assets in any of the markets represented by the broker. At the same time, beginners can use not only the web version of the platform, but also its mobile applications.
Additional benefits include the absence of any fees. This applies to both depositing funds and the transactions themselves. Also, traders get access to the full database of Cauvo Capital training materials: video tutorials, e-books and training courses.
The entry threshold is $500. This amount is managed by the investor himself when gaining access to the markets.

Investing with broker Cauvo Capital

Basic account

This plan is offered by cauvocapital.com to players with minimal trading experience. It also offers basic access to the market, but comes with more advanced tools than Beginner. Trading takes place “in one click”, that is, on the company’s intuitive platform.
By opening this account, the investor can also use the broker’s lecture base to increase the level of knowledge. There are no fees for Basic. The entry threshold for trading on this account starts from $5,000.

Trader account

The company recommends opening such an account for those traders who are well aware of the mechanism of work on different exchanges. In addition to all the benefits of previous accounts, this one also has market updates. That is, by creating a Trader account, you will always have the most up-to-date information about financial industries right inside the Cauvo Capital platform.
The minimum deposit to open such a tariff is 20 thousand dollars.

Premium account

Players who feel confident in trading, according to the broker, can open this account. In addition to everything mentioned earlier, it also has a number of exclusive features. So, for example, the player receives exclusive market news, which is likely to affect certain assets, as well as push notifications tailored to a personal trading strategy.
In addition, the investor can contact the technical support department right inside the company’s terminal. They promise to provide an answer at any time of the day during the days of the markets.
The minimum deposit to open such an account is $50,000.

Premium Pro Account

Why Choose Cauvo Capital Broker

Such a tariff can be opened by those who prefer passive trading. In addition to full access to the market, the client receives its daily analysis. There is also a function of free terminal customization for the needs of the trader.
The main advantage of Premium Pro over previous accounts is the services of a personal account manager. The broker will assign one of his employees to help the client build his trading strategy.
The entry threshold for opening such an account is $250,000.

Investor account

This is another type of account with Cauvo Capital that requires expert support. The account does not include any type of additional fees. It can be opened by professional investors who have extensive experience in trading.
The entrance threshold is 250 thousand dollars.

In addition to these tariffs, the company also has 2 more: Expert and VIP. Trading here does not provide for any restrictions, and the features promise to be premium. In order to open one of these tariffs, you need to contact the representatives of the broker.

What is the result?

How to start trading with Cauvo Capital

In this review, we have examined in detail all the trading accounts of the Cauvo Capital broker and its conditions. We can say that every exchange player, regardless of their skill level, will find a suitable tariff plan here. If you plan to open an account with cauvocapital.com, once again check that the company has all the tools you need and be responsible in choosing a “package” of conditions.

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