Will it be possible to make money with the intermediary Yadix?

Will it be possible to make money with the intermediary Yadix?

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Yadix broker review and reviews

Getting rich in global markets is the goal of any investor, and Yadix is ​​here to help. It colorfully describes the prospects for cooperation, but does not provide any guarantees. There are several loud statements on the official website that do not correspond to reality at all. In order to evaluate the project, today we propose to carry out a careful review of the available comments and published information.

Features of the exchange intermediary

Yadix has been active in global markets since 2010. At least on her official website, she claims to have a wealth of trading experience. An exchange intermediary offers clients regulated trading in the Forex market. The trader allegedly gets tight spreads, excellent conditions and fast order execution. When analyzing the reviews, it became clear that the office does not provide really high-quality service. In fact, it sets wide spreads that do not allow for really profitable transactions.

Yadix Broker Features

Yadix describes the virtues that set it apart from the competition:

  1. Tight spreads from 0 pips. The market player can trade with the best prices.
  2. Leverage that reaches a ratio of 1:500.
  3. Execution by STP technology in the absence of a conflict of interest.
  4. Regulated environment. The client receives a separate account, thanks to which his funds are protected from misuse.
  5. Quotes from 15 liquidity providers. The trader will take advantage of the best prices.
  6. Trading in micro lots is allowed, which allows the client to invest a small amount of capital.

Overview of Yadix

An exchange player can use absolutely any adviser. It has negative balance protection and a host of other features. The exchange intermediary makes promises that it is not going to fulfill at all. The review showed that in fact, a registered player receives terrible trading conditions, as a result of which he quickly loses capital.

Products and company accounts

Exchange intermediary Yadix offers trading bypassing the dealing center. He claims that all transactions instantly go to global markets. The client receives institutional trading conditions, including basic spreads and execution with minimal delay. The client can use automatic systems. The company does not limit the choice of strategies, even scalping is available.
The firm offers to activate one of the available accounts. Classic account allows you to trade with spreads from 1 pip. Leverage and some promotions available. A market player can receive a 25% bonus or a new smartphone. He is provided with the service of copying transactions. The rest of the tariffs are almost the same as the classic ones, but with an increase in the initial deposit, commission deductions are reduced.

Yadix broker site

Customer opinion about the Yadix project

Market players note significant shortcomings. They believe that the firm is working against its traders. It is not licensed and is not regulated by anyone. The office is engaged in real fraud and does not withdraw funds. A participant in the world market should bypass such offices.

Reviews about divorce for money broker Yadix

The exchange intermediary promised 20-30 percent of the profit, but as a result, the client only lost his capital. The firm interferes with profitable deals. Her terminal is extremely bad. During the execution of trading orders, disconnections occur. Many traders suspect Yadix of lying.

Reviews about Yadix scam broker

The office is another scam. She is expanding the spread, setting it up to 80 points. It is almost impossible to trade during the release of the news. Technical support said that they are entitled to such spread expansion. In some cases, a market player does not trigger a sell order. The system boots up for about a minute, after which the button becomes inactive.

Review of a divorce for money by Yadix

Why not trade with Yadix?

The brokerage has a very negative reputation. She often talks about quality services, but does not provide them at all. Cooperating with this project, the market player can only get disappointed. He will lose his investment and precious time. To avoid a collision with scammers, it is recommended to carefully analyze the office before starting trading. If the company has been seen cheating, then it is better to choose an alternative option.

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