Why not work with LimeFX? How to distinguish a scam office from a decent broker?

Why not work with LimeFX? How to distinguish a scam office from a decent broker?

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LimeFX Company Review and Reviews

Trading activity is a very dangerous activity, especially if transactions are carried out through the LimeFX system. Contrary to the negative comments on the net, this brand considers itself one of the leaders in the industry. It offers to earn on pricing by activating one of the profitable tariff plans. The exchange intermediary has an extremely bad reputation, and today we will tell you why you should not register in its system.

How is LimeFX different?

The exchange intermediary positions itself as a young and ambitious broker created by a team of analysts. The project quickly conquered the global market. At the moment, services are provided to traders from the CIS countries and Europe. The main office of the broker is located in London. Prior to entering the international exchange, the project was engaged in the development of trading robots.

Overview of LimeFX Broker and Trading Assets

LimeFX guarantees comfortable conditions for cooperation and talks about the following benefits:

  1. Convenient withdrawal of funds is provided. The company allows you to replenish the deposit in several ways. The trader has access to plastic cards, digital wallets and payment services.
  2. Personal financial expert. After registering an account, a specialist immediately connects to it. Personal analyst always stays in touch. It helps to take the first steps in trading, choose the right strategy and minimize expenses.
  3. Leverage up to a ratio of 1:200. This kind of leverage is great for a beginner looking to increase their profit potential.
  4. Advanced platform. The innovative design of the project has a user-friendly design and high performance. It provides instant withdrawal of orders to global markets.

The company regularly holds promotions, thanks to which you can get additional profit. The market player receives a demo account. By trading on it, he will improve his professional skills without risking a deposit. These and other commercial offers are posted on the official website of the office. Before starting cooperation, you should carefully evaluate the web portal and the information provided.

Broker Trading Conditions LimeFX Broker Review

Trading conditions for traders

LimeFX provides its clients with an online platform for working in the financial markets. It offers a wide range of services for traders of various professional levels. The minimum tariff plan allows you to start from a replenishment of 500 US dollars. This account was created for beginners who are not ready to spend large sums. The higher the entry threshold, the wider the potential opportunities for the player.
Owners of expensive accounts have at their disposal a personal financial analyst. They can count on a half-hour trading account review and a quarterly plan. Among the advantages of a VIP account is also the development of a personal strategy, a demonstration of trading in real time. The market player receives advanced tools for efficient trading. The company in every possible way encourages the trader to make the largest possible replenishment, but you should not make hasty decisions. Before depositing funds, it is recommended to check the reputation of the company.

Broker Trading Account Types LimeFX Broker Review

What affiliate programs does the brand offer?

The brokerage firm offers to receive additional profit. She has developed two programs that may be of interest to market players:

  • Refer a Friend is a program that all clients can participate in. A market player invites his friends through a referral link. As soon as the investor replenishes the deposit, the partner will receive earnings. Profit is 15% of the initial deposit.
  • Internet Partner is a program for those who have their own web portal. A member of the system can monetize traffic if his audience is interested in investing and strives for financial independence. He is provided with banners that are placed on the site. The more attracted investors, the bigger the profit. Earnings directly depend on the size of the client’s deposit.

Before using an affiliate program, you should make sure that the company is acting in accordance with the law. Some participants in the world market claim global leadership, but do not fulfill their obligations. Cooperation with such offices involves not only financial, but also reputational risks. As a rule, scammers do not make payments, deceiving all participants in their system.

Affiliate programs of LimeFX

Opinion on LimeFX: review of comments

Market players do not recommend cooperating with the project. The user agreement allows us to conclude that the client account can be blocked. At the same time, a project employee is able to suspect any client of criminal activity. As a rule, unscrupulous firms actively use this clause of the contract, taking away the start-up capital of their investors.

Feedback on the suspicious work of LimeFX broker

The exchange intermediary blocks client accounts, while there is a large amount on the balance sheet. The reason is a violation of trading rules. The market player has just started its activity and worked in accordance with the laws, but it is almost impossible to prove this.

LimeFX scam reviews

Clients often leave negative comments about cooperation with LimeFX. Reviews speak of several good deals that turned out to be complete failures. A few months later, the market player had his account blocked. Technical support cannot solve this problem. Employees do not say which specific rules were violated; over time, they begin to ignore their client.

Commentary on cheating by LimeFX broker

Merchants call LimeFX scammers. They started their collaboration with the brand by downloading a book. After filling in some information, the market player received a call. The manager persuaded him to replenish the deposit. After making a certain amount, the employee did not let up. He obsessively offered his services using psychological techniques and manipulation. Ultimately, the brand representative got angry and began to blame his client. Other employees started calling the phone number. Blocking does not help, because scammers call from different phones.

Feedback on divorce and fraud by LimeFX

Prospects for earning with the brand

Before us is a standard SCAM project that seeks to lure beginners into its system. He places special literature to attract new clients. The employees of the office act extremely intrusively, which betrays their true intentions. Practice shows that conscientious firms will never persuade to cooperate. This is how only scammers work.
During cooperation, the trader has serious problems. Client accounts are blocked on charges of criminal fraud. At the same time, managers are not able to say which particular operations turned out to be illegal. Market players are being robbed of all their money without explanation. It is extremely difficult to file a complaint, because the office is not regulated by anyone. LimeFX is not a broker, and all stories about potential earnings turn out to be banal lies.

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