Is Dukascopy an honest broker?

Is Dukascopy an honest broker?

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Review of the honesty and reliability of the Dukascopy broker

Like many brokerage projects, Dukascopy claims to be unique and reliable. He talks about the security of a Swiss bank, which attracts many market players. The company has a good web portal and well-established technical support. She points out numerous benefits, but these claims must be verified before cooperation. Today we will determine how the project actually works and whether it is worth registering in its system.

How is a brokerage project different?

The Swiss online bank is based in Geneva and offers services to traders from all over the world. It allows you to trade from your phone in precious metals, CFDs and binary options. The company provides patented technical solutions that allow you to reach a higher level of earnings. The official website talks about numerous advantages, due to which it attracts people to register in the Dukascopy system. An overview of available services can be obtained on the brokerage web portal. The company provides detailed information, which earns confidence from many traders.
At the moment, the brokerage system is connected to the 20 largest banks. It has a large pool of liquidity that is available to traders, hedge funds and other institutions. The exchange intermediary offers its clients high-quality order execution and extremely low spreads. Before collaborating with this project, you must check the reputation of Dukascopy. Fraudsters sometimes hide behind the mask of a broker, and therefore it is important to determine the integrity of the brand in advance.

Dukascopy multi-currency broker account

Mobile applications of the company

Dukascopy announces a new service that allows you to make transactions quickly and easily. The client receives the most up-to-date information about the markets in real time. He gains access to a huge number of investment products. The platform allows you to predict price movements using charts, news and calendars. The user is offered analytical reviews from specialists on the most popular financial assets. The application is downloaded to a smartphone absolutely free of charge, ensuring fast data transfer regardless of the actual location of the trader.
Terminal is supported on Apple Watch. A market player will get all the information they need about the market by looking at their wrist. The Dukascopy platform has some unique characteristics:

Reliable trading with Dukascopy

  • A list of quotes is provided. There is a possibility of configuration from the main application.
  • Certain details of the price movement appear on the screen. You can view the closing and opening prices.
  • It is possible to track indicator indicators.
  • Graphs are provided with the ability to select an interval.
  • There is a window on the platform for quickly viewing the selected quote.

In addition, there is a special version for tablets, adapted for a larger display. Thus, the trader will be able to get one-time access to a large amount of information. Each market player will be able to choose the platform that suits his true needs.

Dukascopy brokerage company website

What do they say about Dukascopy? Trader reviews

Customers are talking about servers being constantly disconnected. They suffered a large loss due to technical problems. The brokerage system experienced problems within a few hours, causing $800 in damages. Technical support did not compensate for the losses and blamed the market player for everything.

Review of fraud by broker Dukascopy

The company does not offer the best conditions. Market players are forced to trade with inflated spreads. In this case, it is extremely difficult to make money from scalping. At the same time, the broker is a good option for active intraday trading.

Neutral review about trading with the Dukascopy broker

The exchange intermediary has several licenses and sets a relatively low entry threshold. On its platform you can start from 100 US dollars. Orders are issued at the highest level. The company regularly holds competitions, allowing the market player to gain additional profit.

Positive review about the broker Dukascopy

Can Dukascopy’s promises be trusted?

Most of the comments are positive. At the same time, in reviews you can find a variety of statements. Some commentators cite low spreads, while others point to questionable trading conditions and inflated fees. Market players mostly talk about normal brokerage services, but sometimes there are stories of server freezes and large losses due to technical reasons. It is worth noting that Dukascopy is not ideal. It has both positive and negative sides. Each trader should pay attention to these characteristics and make his own decision about cooperation.

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