A Broker with a Controversial Reputation – Bnb-profitup Review

A Broker with a Controversial Reputation – Bnb-profitup Review

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Bnb-profitup broker review

According to representatives of the Bnb-profitup project, the future belongs to crypto trading, and therefore it is urgent to “choose a strategy and earn money today.” Trading here, according to legend, is easy and profitable.
Traders are divided on whether Bnb-profitup is a scam or not. Whom to believe?

Basic information about Bnb-profitup

In the “About the Company” section, the reseller talks about reliability and a responsible approach to service. But it is impossible not to notice that the connection to the Bnb-profitup official website is not secure – scammers can get access to personal data and bank cards. The platform has been operating since September 2021, although the scammers claim that their brand was registered back in 2018 in the UK.
Interestingly, in the register of Companies House, from where the Bnb-profitup broker just brings the certificate, the sharashka is not listed. Fraudsters do not have licenses, as well as offices in New York or Moscow.

User reviews about the service

Interestingly, only a Russian number is indicated in the contacts of the Bnb-profitup company – and the site itself also works in Russian. Comments on the phone report that the crooks offer stock trading and passive income. And the former clients of the sharashka in the reviews published about Bnb-profitup assure that the sucker does not allow you to withdraw money and imitates trading.

Bnb-profitup Broker Reviews

Negative feedback about the broker Bnb-profitup

At the same time, you can see a large number of laudatory comments where the office is actively defended. However, the network already knows that Bnb-profitup is a scam, and scammers order positive reviews on all resources.

Bnb-profitup website and pricing plans

The site looks miserable – it was clearly made up on the knee by greedy enthusiasts. There is no information on trading terminals, replenishment and withdrawal of funds, assets on the site. To register with Bnb-profitup, you need to provide all the data, including your phone number.
The scammers also do not report which account can be opened in Bnb-profitup, although they offer to “choose a tariff plan”. Even the size of the minimum deposit is not indicated – crooks do not shun a penny. Everything that is known about investments is presented briefly:

  • there is an affiliate program – the average income of referrals is 23%;
  • bonuses are imposed on traders – but Bnb-profitup requires bonuses to be worked out 40-60 times, and this is impossible on the drawn terminal;
  • risks are diversified with the help of certain investment portfolios, details of which are not available.

There is no doubt that Bnb-profitup will not allow the withdrawal of funds – the scammers will do everything possible so that the client leaves all the money here.

Site of scammers Bnb-profitup

Conclusion – is it worth trading with Bnb-profitup?

The answer is obvious – it is better to stay away from this anonymous scam. As the review of the site showed at Bnb-profitup, scammers use false documents, order reviews and hang bonuses with onerous conditions. It’s impossible to make money here.

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