DEGIRO – professional service or scam?

DEGIRO – professional service or scam?

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review of the broker DEGIRO

DEGIRO positions itself as the only broker offering professional services to retail investors. The online platform has been designed with individual needs in mind and is suitable for all participants in the global market. Clients can enjoy the best brokerage rates on stock exchanges around the planet. In today’s article, we will figure out what investors actually get and whether it is possible to believe beautiful stories about quick money.

Description of the exchange intermediary

The official website of DEGIRO talks about the launch of the project in 2013. Initially, the company settled in the Netherlands, but over time, it began its professional activities in 18 European countries. The firm claims unparalleled brokerage rates, competitive trading conditions. She talks about unique investment platforms that provide access to several popular markets.

The company describes its mission, which is to create a high-quality, profitable, transparent and public trading platform. She believes that investment should be fully democratized and accessible to everyone. Since 2020, the exchange intermediary has been a public corporation. Its shares are listed on the international stock exchange SDAX. Among the features of the DEGIRO project are:

DEGIRO scam broker website

  1. Free access to world markets is provided. Registered traders are connected to exchanges around the world. The company provides an opportunity to trade Australian, Japanese, Singaporean, Chinese and other financial assets. All this contributes to the optimal diversification of investments.
  2. Own development. The company combines exceptionally low prices and wide opportunities for international investment. It provides intuitive platforms through which the most profitable transactions are carried out. All work terminals are created by professionals and adapted to the needs of existing customers. The Company may improve the platform at its sole discretion.
  3. Price drop. Exchange intermediary combines innovation and economy. He manages to achieve high efficiency at relatively low prices. The company continues its international development and constantly expands the range of services offered. It reduces costs by providing the client with the best trading conditions.
  4. Regulation. The company received a license from the German regulator BaFin. In addition, it is regulated in the Netherlands, having a certificate from the Central Bank. The trading activity of the intermediary is controlled by several higher authorities, and therefore the exchange player does not have to worry about the quality of the services provided.

DEGIRO calls itself a trusted broker with over 2 million satisfied clients. The company offers to open an online account at Reviews on independent sites will help assess the real prospects for cooperation and draw a conclusion about the quality of market trading. If the company has previously been accused of criminal fraud, then you should not start cooperation with it.

DEGIRO broker website

Characteristics of the working platform

The trader is encouraged to invest through an award-winning platform. With the help of this development, the client gains access to his portfolio at any time of the day. He can trade the news by learning fundamental and technical analysis. The terminal adapts to any type of investor. It combines a clear interface and wide functionality. The system allows you to invest around the world, watching the price difference between buying and selling an asset. Each client can choose the type of orders that seems most convenient to him.

The platform allows you to create your own list of favorite promotions. A trader can view news that directly relates to his investment portfolio. He will draw inspiration from analytical reviews, building up assumptions about rising or falling prices.

Brokerage company DEGIRO

The company is constantly improving its system by adding new features. At this stage, she has introduced several unique developments: face ID, combined orders, touch ID. In addition, there are quite standard features, such as real-time quotes, safe deposits, financial news and analyst recommendations. Trading on is presented as a profitable activity, but this claim needs to be verified in detail.

Should I trade with DEGIRO broker?

Is it worth investing in DEGIRO?

Clients report complicated registration and lengthy verification. They had to wait for the approval of the documents for several days. Trading conditions are far from ideal, traders have to pay large commissions. Many traders complain about the lack of passive investment. Among the positive aspects, they note the absence of an entry threshold, the ability to start with small amounts. Clients talk about the wide range of financial assets in the DEGIRO system. Reviews are varied, but allegations of fraud are not published. Apparently, the company is doing honest work, but sets quite high prices.

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