EMERGING MARKETS GROUP: trading platform overview

EMERGING MARKETS GROUP: trading platform overview

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EMERGING MARKETS GROUP positions itself as an advanced service for trading in financial markets. She claims to be one of the most famous dealing centers in Europe. The company started to provide brokerage services quite recently, but talks about the rich experience of market trading. According to the creators, the project has been successfully operating since 2000, the official website contains information about registration and the chief director. At the same time, a trader should not believe empty statements. Before replenishing the account, it is recommended to carefully study the project, determine the potential opportunities for earning with it.

What does the exchange intermediary say?

The company describes a long period of work in global markets. She claims to have 20 years of experience and provides an extremely high quality brokerage service. The headquarters is located in London. The United Kingdom is considered a reliable jurisdiction, and therefore fraudulent projects are often covered with it. Before the start of market trading, an exchange player must confirm the official registration of the office. Among the advantages of the EMERGING MARKETS GROUP project are:

  1. Well-known liquidity providers. The trader receives quotes from the largest banks and reliable financial institutions.
  2. Technical support works around the clock.
  3. A wide range of CFD contracts is available for market trading. Using derivatives, an investor can make profitable transactions with currency pairs, stocks, indices and other investment products.

The company claims that all contact details and legal documents are freely available. However, at the moment emerging-markets-group.com is blocked. We cannot access this resource, and therefore for the review we have to take information from independent sources. As a rule, fraudulent projects designed for a short period of work are subject to blocking. In order not to fall for the trick of a swindler, a trader must carefully analyze his intermediary. If the company was suspected of fraud, then it is better to bypass it.

Broker account types EMERGING MARKETS GROUP

What are the conditions for bidding?

Attracting new customers to the trading platform, each exchange intermediary describes its conditions. By comparing the parameters between several companies, you can choose the best option for cooperation. EMERGING MARKETS GROUP describes the potential of its member:

  • Spreads of floating or fixed type. The investor himself chooses a convenient option.
  • The exchange intermediary has developed 5 types of accounts. The cheapest plan starts from $1,000 top-up. It is suitable for beginners who do not expect large profits.
  • The company allows you to earn both on the growth and on the fall of prices. All market trading is carried out using CFD contracts.
  • Margin trading allows you to increase your initial capital due to high leverage. When using leverage, the trader will trade in large volume, increasing the potential earnings.
  • The exchange player receives 4 types of assets, more than 300 investment instruments.
  • A personal manager is connected to the account, which helps to make the right decisions.
  • When replenishing the account, a bonus is provided, which reaches 20%.
  • The client can use insured trades while trading with zero risk.

The exchange intermediary offers to attend training courses with a personal mentor. It provides analytical materials, thanks to which the beginner will make the right investment decisions. The larger the initial capital, the wider the potential opportunities for the investor. The number of available tools increases as you move to a new professional level. The company calls for quick registration on emerging-markets-group.com, but do not make hasty decisions. Before replenishing the deposit, it is recommended to look at customer reviews.

Broker affiliate program EMERGING MARKETS GROUP

Reputation EMERGING MARKETS GROUP. What feedback do customers leave?

Experienced participants in the global market do not understand why the office has not yet been blocked. They believe that the company is engaged in fraudulent activities, while the regulators do not pay any attention to the swindler. The check showed that the brokerage company’s domain was created only a few months ago. Claims of rich trading experience are blatant lies.

Reviews about the broker EMERGING MARKETS GROUP

The company is called a cunning scam for money. The office has been operating relatively recently, but traders have already appeared who have suffered from criminal fraud. The exchange intermediary never withdraws funds. He lures newcomers into his system, taking away their last money.

Negative reviews about the broker EMERGING MARKETS GROUP

EMERGING MARKETS GROUP – will it be possible to make money?

The exchange intermediary tries to create the illusion of real trading activity, while in fact it does not conduct any speculative transactions. He deceives gullible investors with great earning potential. The audit showed that the brand exists relatively recently, and therefore has not yet managed to gain wide popularity on the network. Despite this, independent platforms are already posting negative reviews about the brazen scammer. We recommend that you refuse to cooperate with an office that is not regulated by anyone and does not engage in market trading.

Foundation date 2021
Bonus Up to 20%
Minimum deposit 1000 euros
Analytics Present
Insured transactions Up to 15
Financial instruments 4 types


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