ABC GROUP – simple earnings or divorce?

ABC GROUP – simple earnings or divorce?

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review of the broker ABC GROUP

ABC GROUP talks about simple earnings in world markets. He promises to provide everything a trader needs to make money. The company claims to have been working on exchanges for more than 8 years. She has come a long way, has developed a reliable strategy for getting rich on the price difference. Now ABC GROUP brand specialists offer their client a real opportunity to earn money. They claim that their trading system will bring excellent financial results, improve the financial situation of all registered participants. To test this statement, today we will analyze the project. The investor will learn how safe it is to register on his platform.

Broker website review

The main page of the official site colorfully describes the benefits of the project. Like every participant in the global market, ABC GROUP strives to attract the maximum number of investors to its platform. The company talks about the advantages that distinguish it from most competitors:

  1. Transparency – the company provides an understandable service without hidden fees. It publishes the terms and conditions in advance, which can be read by every market player. The broker protects its investors from additional expenses. He understands his partners and realizes the importance of fast, safe service.
  2. A wide range of instruments – the exchange intermediary cooperates with the best liquidity providers. It provides instant execution of transactions at the best prices. The company provides access to several categories of market instruments. The trader receives currency pairs, stock indices, commodities, stocks and crypto coins.
  3. Performance – all price charts are generated on a super fast engine. Partners have developed a special program that allows you to conclude the fastest and most effective deals. The company covers several stock markets in Europe, the CIS countries, the Baltic States, America and Asia. All transactions are executed using ECN technology.
  4. Regulation – The brand was founded in 2010 and has since been regulated in several jurisdictions. It positions itself as a safe broker trading a wide range of financial assets. The company provides a comprehensive and competitive offer.

MetaTrader 5 platform of ABC GROUP broker

Additional advantages include visual documentation, services of a professional trader with a high level of qualification. All trades are conducted on customizable platforms. You can conduct market trading literally from any device. All these advantages look very impressive, but you should not believe empty statements. Inaccurate information may be published on the official website, because the broker is directly interested in attracting customers. To protect yourself from fraudulent offices, it is recommended to carry out your own brand verification. By studying reliable reviews, the investor will be able to protect himself from the influence of scammers.

Broker ABC GROUP scammers

How are market trades carried out?

The company offers to start trading on the popular Metatrader 5 platform. It is very easy to use, provides an opportunity for quick earnings on pricing. This system contains many useful features, including full or partial automation of trading activities. The exchange intermediary talks about how his specialists have achieved amazing results and are now ready to share their experience. ABC GROUP trading system provides the following functionality:

Opportunities of the broker ABC GROUP

  • Excellent tools for comprehensive price analysis are provided.
  • Applications for algorithmic trading will greatly simplify the workflow.
  • It is possible to copy deals. The beginner will receive fresh market data and timely signals to open positions.
  • It is allowed to hedge open trades. Thus, the trader can cut potential losses.

The broker’s website contains information about technical support consultants. They always stay in touch, answer calls and messages. The client is offered to contact specialists on a variety of issues. At the same time, the official website of the company has very poor information content. The exchange intermediary described his competitive advantages, but practically did not mention the trading conditions. This may indicate that ABC GROUP is engaged in fraud. Before starting cooperation, it is recommended to conduct a detailed brand check. If the office was suspected of cheating, then it is better to bypass it.

ABC GROUP broker website

What do ABC GROUP customers say?

Deceived stock players talk about the loss of large sums. They trusted the broker, although there were doubts about his honesty. Due to the fault of the scammers, the investor lost $100, while he planned to replenish the deposit by $1,000. Investors point out that the company is simply cheating people for money.

Reviews about the broker ABC GROUP

The exchange intermediary actively calls potential clients. Brand employees talk about the great potential of cooperation, while in reality they do not provide any services. At first, the office creates the illusion of market trading. The client can withdraw a small profit, but over time, his account will still be blocked.

Negative reviews about the broker ABC GROUP

Will it be possible to make money with the ABC GROUP project?

The audit showed that the exchange intermediary is engaged in a brazen divorce. He talks about the high earning potential, while he does not bring transactions to the global market. All operations are carried out within a fake system, and therefore it is unrealistic to make money on the price difference. You can also find positive reviews on the network, but they can be custom-made. Deceived traders complain about the poor quality of services, the lack of payments. We do not recommend starting cooperation with a swindler. It has no regulation, and therefore can turn any transactions within its system.

Foundation date 2010
Platform Metatrader 5
Analytics Missing
Specialization Forex and CFD Market
Support 24/7


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