Controversial broker Alfa Forex: is it worth trading?

Controversial broker Alfa Forex: is it worth trading?

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Overview of the brokerage company Alfa Forex

Exchange intermediary Alfa Forex has an ambiguous reputation. Some market players talk about acceptable trading conditions and a reliable license, while others point to the criminal activity of the office. This article will help you understand the situation, make an informed decision about cooperation with the project.

What conditions does Alfa Forex offer?

The exchange intermediary has a license from the Bank of Russia. It claims to be absolutely safe and provides exceptionally high-quality services. On the territory of Moscow there is an office where you can communicate with representatives of the brand and sign an agreement. The Alfa Forex website contains a description of the services that registered clients receive:

  1. Fast withdrawal and deposit of funds. Transactions are carried out without commissions or overpayments.
  2. The client can enjoy attractive trading conditions, fixing large profits.
  3. Wide range of financial instruments. The trader gets at his disposal more than 40 currency pairs.
  4. Payment of taxes is carried out without the participation of the client. The broker is an independent tax agent.
  5. The minimum trade amount is only 0.01 lots. This allows the market player to control risk.

Starting cooperation with the company is quite simple. All you have to do is register with your personal details. The procedure is carried out online, personal presence in the office is not required. An exchange intermediary offers to engage in trading using currency pairs. It provides a very limited set of financial assets, however, Forex tools are enough for some traders.

Alpha Forex broker site

Brokerage platforms for clients

Broker Alfa Forex offers to carry out transactions through the Metatrader 5 terminal. This system provides a user-friendly interface and provides absolute security. Among the advantages of this program are:

  • It is possible to lock positions.
  • There are 6 types of pending orders.
  • The platform is easy to download on any device.
  • The trader receives visual charts of quotes. He can produce high-quality technical analysis.
  • One-click trading available. The market player will instantly make deals by managing his orders.

The client is offered to evaluate bank quotation with market execution. A market player can use different instruments while trading in a comfortable environment. The terminal allows you to carry out a qualitative analysis of world markets. The trader gets everything necessary for algorithmic trading and copying trades. Using the MT5 program, an exchange player must study the reputation of a brokerage project. If the firm has a dubious reputation, then working on its platforms will never bring a positive result.

The MetaTrader 5 platform of Alfa Forex

What kind of analytics do traders get?

Registered customers can use several tools. They have access to a calculator that helps them quickly calculate related expenses. The market player gets the opportunity to view economic calendar data. It contains important information about upcoming events. The trader will get acquainted with the release date of important news and set the necessary orders.

For beginners, market reviews are provided. Experts conduct analysis and publish the results for free access. They tell about where quotes of certain financial instruments can go. The client gets access to educational materials. He can practice on a demo account. Without investing their own money, the trader will gain useful experience and draw up the right strategy. The user of the system receives a wide range of tools from Alfa Forex. Fraudsters often hide behind brokerage activities, and therefore a trader should not make hasty decisions. Before entering the global market, you should carefully study the project.

Alfa Forex official website

Opinion about Alfa Forex: review of comments

Market players point to the impudent work of the office staff. Managers are ready to choke for a new client, because they receive a certain percentage of the deposit. The exchange intermediary manipulates prices, closing orders only at a loss. The platform was created only to deceive merchants. Brand representatives invent excuses, talking about a volatile market.

Trader's feedback on cooperation with Alfa Forex

The office is working on draining money. Managers give bad advice, in connection with which the trader loses money. The trading platform freezes and crashes frequently. Apparently, the employees of the company work only for their own enrichment.

Review of the fraudulent broker Alfa Forex

The swindler uses cunning. He lures market players with fake social media accounts. Girls get acquainted with young people, promise them large potential profits. Starting trading on the recommendation, the trader decides to invest $2,000. On the same evening, he loses all the money due to global slippage. The terminal is being manipulated, but the catch was noticed only after talking with other users.

Negative feedback about cheating broker Alfa Forex

Market players are disappointed in this company. They lost large sums due to broker manipulations.

Negative reviews about Alfa Forex

For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that positive comments about Alfa Forex prevail on some sites. Reviews tell about the good experience of cooperation. Market players recommend this broker because it has an official license.

Positive feedback about Alfa Forex broker

How safe is it to work with a broker?

Despite some good reviews, we cannot recommend trading with Alfa Forex. The company has a license, but conducts very dubious activities in global markets. She claims good trading conditions and quality support, while in reality traders lose all their invested capital. In addition, project employees are engaged in manipulations, changing quotes and giving erroneous recommendations. They drain the initial deposit in a variety of ways, leaving the merchant no chance of making money.

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