Can you make money with MaximusFX? Company analysis

Can you make money with MaximusFX? Company analysis

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scam broker review MaximusFX

There are quite a lot of companies on the world market, and the MaximusFX project also offers its services. He positions himself as a reliable broker who brings transactions to the interbank market. The office promises its customers fast data transfer and quality service, but what is actually happening? In today’s article, we will consider the main characteristics of the company and determine the true goals of its creators.

Company’s commercial offers

MaximusFX promises quality service, which is characterized as follows:

  1. Global presence, trading activity in several countries.
  2. A reliable trading platform provides free access to interbank liquidity.
  3. An experienced team of professionals is ready to provide financial education. A market player can significantly improve their trading experience.
  4. The brokerage project regularly holds promotions. It helps to increase the capital of its participants.
  5. Wide variety of payment methods. A market player can deposit funds using payment systems or bank cards.

On the official website you can find a colorful description of the advantages and commercial offers of MaximusFX. A review of the available information leads to the conclusion that the project is not delivering on its promises. There are a lot of negative reviews on the net. These comments describe the fraudulent activities of the project, which only pretends to be a bona fide broker. In fact, he brazenly steals the funds of registered participants.

Open an account with the broker MaximusFX

Characteristics of the trading platform

The MaximusFX company offers to carry out transactions through the Metatrader 4 terminal. This is a popular system that is often used by dubious projects. The exchange intermediary offers to carry out transactions through MT4 on the following conditions:

  • Provides direct access to CFDs, stocks, futures, commodities and spot metals.
  • Fixed or variable spreads available.
  • Leverage reaches a ratio of 1:1000.
  • The platform allows the use of trading robots.
  • It is possible to test Expert Advisors on historical charts.
  • Negative balance protection is provided.

An exchange player can download this program to a personal computer or phone. Market monitoring will be carried out using 30 technical indicators. A multi-terminal is provided that provides access to multiple accounts. The client can buy or sell a financial asset with the click of a button. It will monitor prices in real time, predicting price movements.

MaximusFX broker website

What promotions does the project offer?

The company provides several bonus programs, thanks to which you can increase the starting capital. If the client replenishes the deposit by 200 – 10,000 dollars, he will receive a bonus of 50%. This offer is only available for standard and Islamic accounts. A market player can send a corresponding request and receive additional funds for productive trading. He should be aware that bonus programs can be used to retain capital within the brokerage system. Before receiving a bonus, it is recommended that you carefully read the terms and conditions.

The exchange intermediary has developed a program where each participant can request an additional bonus for large trading volumes. The market player receives all financial assets at his disposal. The offer is available for “Mini” and “Standard” accounts.

The company encourages the acquisition of new customers. If a market player brings his friend, he will receive payouts from MaximusFX. The broker promises $50 for each player who makes a deposit of 200 US units. Anyone who has their own web portal or a promoted page in social networks can take part in this action. At the same time, the merchant should not make quick decisions about cooperation. Interaction with such projects involves high reputational risks. By directing clients to a fraudulent office, a person loses the trust of his audience.

MaximusFX Broker Trading Platform

MaximusFX Client Opinion

Experienced traders are not advised to contact the project. They traded for three months, after opening the account, a personal manager was allocated. An employee of the company did not provide the necessary assistance, but constantly demanded to replenish the account for a large amount. After a while, he began to open losing trades, draining his client’s deposit. Market players indicate that this office is engaged in fraud.

MaximusFX broker scam review

Traders point to the appearance of hairpins in the MaximusFX trading system. Reviews are mostly negative. After replenishing the deposit for a large amount, freezes begin to occur in the terminal. The company does not operate in global markets and is a standard offshore kitchen. Employees contribute in every possible way to the drain of capital.

Negative reviews about MaximusFX

The company sets not the most favorable conditions. The spread on its platform is unreasonably high, the formation of commissions remains a mystery to the client. The web terminal constantly slows down, and this interferes with productive trading. There are no such problems on the demonstrative account. Apparently, scammers lure newbies by showing them profitable trading. In fact, they simply take away the start-up capital.

Bad review about MaximusFX broker

Is MaximusFX a scam?

The exchange intermediary is trying to create the illusion of a productive trading activity, but this does not correspond to reality at all. He is engaged in deception, defrauding his customers of the maximum possible amount. Cunning managers persuade the investor to new replenishment, promising them “mountains of gold”. Cooperation with this company leads to the loss of all savings.

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