TradersHome company: what is known about the broker?

TradersHome company: what is known about the broker?

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Company overview TradersHome

The TradersHome brokerage project is often discussed on the net, and a novice trader may have questions about its work. The company has a multilingual website that attracts the attention of different groups of market players. It contains information about the services provided and the merits of the brand, but is it worth trusting this information? This review will introduce the reader to the broker and help determine the feasibility of cooperation with him.

How is TradersHome different?

An exchange intermediary offers to start trading in shares during the economic crisis. He claims that the possibilities for his clients are endless. Every market player gets fast execution that can really be trusted. By attracting new investors to its platform, the company points to a secure trading environment. The user can buy and sell on the Internet without worrying about protecting his own funds. A huge number of transactions with a total volume of more than 5 trillion dollars take place on the brokerage platform every day.

TradersHome broker allows you to use several financial assets. Currencies, securities and derivatives are traded from a single account. A trader can make fast transactions from anywhere in the world. It has several proven payment methods at its disposal. The company describes the qualities that distinguish it from competitors:

  1. Trust and honesty. Client funds are securely protected thanks to the use of high technologies.
  2. World coverage. The company provides services in 100 countries around the world.
  3. Several payment options. You can deposit funds using payment systems, bank transfers or plastic cards.
  4. Mobile app. The trading platforms are easy to download to your smartphone, providing free access to global markets.
  5. Effective portfolio. Specialists analyze the current market situation, selecting the optimal financial assets.
  6. High level of liquidity. The client gets access to the order book, he can make fast transactions with a large volume.

The official website of the project talks about the positive qualities of the broker, but all these statements need to be verified. Before joining the brokerage system, you should carefully study the commercial offers of TradersHome.

Overview of the TradersHome brokerage company

What are the conditions for bidding?

The company offers its customers a terminal, noting that the platform can be installed on any device. A registered trader gets access to the economic calendar. It allows you to pre-determine important events and place the correct orders.

Exchange intermediary TradersHome offers to use one of the proposed accounts:

  • Student – allows you to start from $ 250. A market player can use mobile systems, carrying out round-the-clock trading.
  • Starter – provides for a replenishment of $ 2,500. In addition to the advantages of the previous tariff, an Islamic account is provided.
  • Premium is an account for wealthy players willing to deposit $10,000. The trader will use the daily analysis, he will have access to the advice of a personal manager.
  • Advanced – starts from a replenishment of $ 25,000. A trader can use analytics from specialists.
  • Professional – activated after a deposit of 50 thousand dollars. The market player receives a fixed spread.

There is also a VIP account, the features of which are practically not disclosed. It is only known that it starts from $100,000. There is no online chat on the brokerage web portal, but the client can contact the advisor via phone or email. In addition, there is a special form through which it is convenient to send messages. The company indicates that its main office is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

TradersHome broker site

How to register on the platform?

On the official brokerage site there is an orange button “Register”. Clicking on it takes the user to a page with several fields. To become a member of the system, he must enter his name and date of birth. You must also include a phone number, address, and postal code. The company asks to leave an e-mail for communication and distribution of promotional materials. Before registering in the system, the trader must familiarize himself with the client agreement, having carefully read all its clauses.

When deciding to start trading activities, a competent player always checks the legal documents of the brand. To trade legally in global markets, a firm must be licensed. The reputation of the project is equally important.

Trading opportunities of the broker TradersHome

Opinion about TradersHome: reviews of practicing traders

Traders point to the fast execution of orders and the quality services of a personal manager. Their applications for withdrawal were carried out regularly, the money was received within the specified time frame.

Feedback on cooperation with TradersHome

Market traders have been trading with a broker for over 3 months. During this time, they realized that the company is really trustworthy. The manager works well, he regularly communicates and provides the necessary support. Brand specialists provide correct predictions.

Excellent feedback on cooperation with TradersHome

Traders point to continued trading activity. They are quite satisfied with the terms of cooperation, technical support. According to clients, the company provides good opportunities for professional growth.

Satisfactory reviews about TradersHome

Is the project worth it?

TradersHome is a popular company on world markets, and therefore there are a huge number of comments about it on the network. Traders are mostly satisfied with the services provided. At the same time, each trader must decide for himself what factors to focus on when choosing a broker. Careful and responsible selection of an exchange intermediary will achieve the desired result.

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