Broker OLYMP TRADE: will it be possible to increase profits?

Broker OLYMP TRADE: will it be possible to increase profits?

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OLYMP TRADE broker review

OLYMP TRADE encourages you to increase your profits. It provides clients with a trading platform that allows them to realize their financial goals. The exchange player is provided with the latest tools and webinars from leading industry experts. He can use a wide range of investment assets to diversify his portfolio. An exchange intermediary talks about favorable conditions for cooperation, but can you trust beautiful promises? In today’s article, we will tell you how the company operates and whether it will be possible to earn money with it.

Company Information OLYMP TRADE

The exchange intermediary claims to ensure financial freedom. It has been operating since 2014 and provides a wide range of brokerage services. Brand specialists are constantly working to create a comfortable and safe space for market trading. By connecting to the system, a trader can enjoy the financial markets at any time for or overnight.

At the moment, the firm serves more than 60 million user accounts. Average monthly payments are $16 million. On the platform, 34 million transactions are carried out monthly for 211 million US dollars. The company cooperates with traders from 194 countries of the world. It allegedly provides quality assurance and is a member of the international Financial Commission. According to the broker, this confirms the high level of service and the unprecedented reliability of working systems.

OLYMP TRADE broker platform

OLYMP TRADE is an award-winning broker. Representatives of the brand say that the company has received recognition from the international professional community. It continues to improve by creating new tools for its platform. The exchange intermediary offers to choose the most convenient format of communication and contact the consultant. A trader can contact via email, phone or online chat. Experts solve 7,000 problems every day, and the waiting time is only 12 seconds. The firm describes numerous advantages, but they all need to be verified. Before the start of practical bidding, it is recommended to pay attention to the reputation of the project.

OLYMP TRADE broker assets

What platform are transactions made on?

The broker offers to trade 30 financial instruments using a reward system for active traders. The client receives the Profit Line tool, which helps to determine the breakeven point. The platform provides for the use of advisors that analyze several indicators and make transactions in accordance with the developed strategies. The website has a blog. The company provides up-to-date insights and demonstrates market analytics for successful trading.

The OLYMP TRADE platform provides the following features:

Partnership with broker OLYMP TRADE

  • Risk-free transactions. It becomes possible to test instruments for trading without risking your own capital.
  • The demo account allows you to trade with a capital of $10,000. All trading operations are carried out in a risk-free mode.
  • The market allows you to customize unique add-ons on the platform.
  • A personal analyst will help you create an individual trading style.

The working platform is easy to download on a computer or phone. It is adapted to any device, and therefore allows you to switch between them. The client can use absolutely all the functions, carrying out transactions for the purchase or sale of investment products. For more successful market trading, an informational blog is provided. It contains educational materials, analytics and video tutorials for novice OLYMP TRADE clients. The company positions itself as one of the market leaders, but this statement needs to be verified. Before starting practical activities, it is recommended to read the comments of real customers.

Website of the brokerage company OLYMP TRADE

What they say about OLYMP TRADE: traders’ reviews

There are many negative comments on the net. Traders believe that OLYMP TRADE are scammers. They point to an overly simple platform that is made for easy money lovers. Experts point to a standard divorce, designed for gullible beginners.


Traders complain about the lack of transparency and integrity. Managers call their clients even after they have drained all the start-up capital. First, they claim large potential earnings, and then they take away all the money invested. Exchange players have doubts about the honesty of OLYMP TRADE. The review shows that many trades go negative on turbo options, even when the investor has chosen the right direction. Apparently, the company is manipulating prices.

Negative reviews about OLYMP TRADE

The exchange intermediary provides a dubious trading platform that malfunctions and freezes. 7 out of 10 transactions go negative. Before entering a trade, the market goes quietly, but after that, sharp jumps begin. In this regard, traders drain their deposit and plan to terminate cooperation with the brand.

Negative feedback about the broker OLYMP TRADE

Prospects for earning with the project

The company has an extremely bad reputation, and therefore we do not recommend contacting it. The vast majority of customer reviews speak of the low quality of the trading platform, problems with quotes and sharp price fluctuations. Traders lose their invested capital, while managers persuade them to new replenishment. The review showed that cooperation with OLYMP TRADE is unpromising.

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