Is it true that Forexite is an honest broker?

Is it true that Forexite is an honest broker?

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Forexite Company Review and Trader Reviews

Calling itself a proven broker, Forexite “forgets” to mention an extremely bad reputation. There are quite a lot of negative comments on the network, pointing to the poor quality of services and impudent deception of users. Unfortunately, not all beginners check client reviews, and therefore today we will draw their attention to a suspicious project. This article will talk about how Forexite actually functions. A trader should not believe loud statements, because they often turn out to be a hoax.

What is special about a brokerage firm?

Forexite has been providing services since 1998. The official website says that the company has an impeccable reputation and provides absolute confidentiality of client information. A market player does not have to worry about the protection of personal funds, because the organization uses modern security protocols. The exchange intermediary guarantees fast payouts, but how true is this statement? There are complaints on the network, in connection with which one can suspect the office of criminal fraud.
According to the creators of the brand, they have vast professional experience. Over the years of work on the international market, the developers have established beneficial cooperation with hundreds of traders from 60 countries. The brokerage system has experienced clients who have been working on the platform for about 10 years. At the heart of the company’s professional approach is the pursuit of excellence. Representatives of the project are guided by long-term partnerships with all registered users.

Forexite broker trading conditions

The brokerage web portal claims an impeccable reputation, which turns out to be completely different when tested. Traders complain about the exchange intermediary and do not recommend starting cooperation with him. The company notes good technical support and a reliable terminal, with which you can solve any issues. A market player should not believe such statements, because they often turn out to be a trap. Real users talk about the freezing of the trading system, ignoring by the project staff. Everything indicates that we have a standard swindler with no advantages.

Forexite broker trading terminal

What trading conditions does the company offer?

Forexite offers cooperation on the following terms:

  • The starting deposit is $1. The company offers to carry out transactions with a small deposit, testing its strategies in a relatively safe mode.
  • A demo account is provided. It allows you to train professional skills without losing real money.
  • You can replenish the deposit using electronic wallets, plastic cards or payment services.
  • A market player can choose between margin and cryptocurrency accounts.
  • Opening and closing an account is completely free.

The exchange intermediary offers round-the-clock service. A market player can always get advice from a Forexite representative. A review of the available comments leads to the conclusion that employees refuse to answer many questions. It seems that they are not at all interested in helping their client. The brokerage web portal talks about favorable trading conditions, but this information needs to be confirmed. Comments from real users will help to find out the truth.

Forexite contact information

Forexite reputation: online reviews

Traders note the outdated web portal, which does not at all correspond to the high status of an international broker. The market player is offered only a web platform, while the download terminal is completely absent. The office provides “friendly” trading conditions, but its spreads start from 4 pips. All this resembles a divorce, designed for gullible beginners.

Verified review of cooperation with Forexite

The exchange intermediary operates without a license. Support does not answer elementary questions, which indicates the extremely low quality of brokerage services. Forexite are scammers who do not even try to create the illusion of honest work. The platform is not convenient, and the employees do not provide decent service even at the start of trading activities.

Negative company reviews Forexite company feedback

The company promises daily accruals, but this does not correspond to reality at all. The market player tried to get his money back, but the scammers were in no hurry to part with the deposit. Apparently, after replenishing the account, they immediately assign client funds.

Forexite broker scam review

The scam does not provide decent technical support. Sometimes you have to wait an hour or two for a response. There are often freezes and technical problems on the platform. All this is reminiscent of the usual deposit drain. The manager assures that he has a license without providing any documents.

Forexite Broker Poor Service Review

Should I trade with Forexite?

Deceived traders massively publish negative reviews, but this office continues to scam people. She hides behind stock exchange activities, having nothing to do with global markets. The only task of a swindler is to swindle the last money from gullible investors. We recommend avoiding a fraudulent project that takes away all your savings. Cooperation with such firms always leads to financial losses.

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