Kalita Finance: what is known about the project?

Kalita Finance: what is known about the project?

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Broker review Kalita Finance with reviews

Kalita Finance is another participant in the global market that pretends to be a reliable broker. On its official website, it offers several tariff plans and trading services. Profitable commercial offers can attract beginners, but is it worth registering in the system? Today’s article will tell you what is hidden behind a beautiful wrapper.

Features of the exchange intermediary

Grand Capital is a company that promises to provide access to Internet trading. It offers to invest in gold coins and other financial assets using ECN technology. The intermediary has created a unique OTC system that allows direct transactions in global markets. Among its strengths, the firm highlights extensive professional experience, accrual of funds on unused funds and competitive trading conditions. It guarantees fair and transparent dealings with all registered traders.
The project appeared in 1999 in Russia. It is noteworthy that he does not mention the received licenses, hiding his legal documents. In this regard, an attentive reader may have a question about the honesty of this office. The organization claims close ties with Sberbank and other large companies. It has a very dubious reputation, and before making an investment, a trader should make a careful analysis of the brand.

Kalita Finance website

Trading conditions of the Kalita Finance project

The financial group has a wide range of instruments. Among them are currencies, stocks, crypto coins and stock indices. The company guarantees fast execution of transactions without requotes and slippage. A market player receives unique financial assets at his disposal. He can use borrowing rights, agricultural market instruments and rare metals. The company has created a “mint”, within which you can quickly buy or sell gold items.
Kalita Finance offers a choice of three tariff plans:

  • Basic – a starting capital of 3,000 rubles is provided. Commissions are charged from 3 to 9 percent of the transaction amount. The transfer of a position to the next day is paid separately. It is possible to attend online lessons and master classes when investing more than 10,000 rubles.
  • Optimal – the market player receives a 30% commission discount. To activate the tariff, you will need to invest from 20,000 rubles. The account is suitable for experienced traders who are confident in their abilities.
  • Pro – a tariff plan that provides free training. The client receives accruals on the balance of funds. All trading instruments are available to him. The tariff provides for replenishment of 100 thousand rubles.

The above packages of conditions can really attract beginners, but you should not jump to conclusions. Each brokerage project strives to present itself in the best light, and our today’s hero is no exception. Some reviews clearly indicate that Kalita Finance are scammers. To find out the truth, you should review the legal documents of the project.

Kalita Finance broker logo

How does the deposit and withdrawal of funds work?

Kalita Finance offers to replenish the account using plastic cards, bank transfers or bitcoin wallets. The last payment option is considered the most dangerous, because it is almost impossible to prove the fact of a money transfer. Cryptocurrency systems are often used by scammers who do not intend to return client funds.
The starting capital in the brokerage system is 3,000 rubles. For replenishment of the account, commission charges are charged in the amount of 3.5% of the invested amount. The company does not indicate the amount of commissions and limits when withdrawing funds. Judging by some comments on independent resources, the company does not return the money of its clients. She can block the account, accusing the trader of violating the rules.

Documents of the broker Kalita Finance

Opinion about Kalita Finance: review of comments

The newcomers were influenced by advertising, which turned out to be a big mistake. At first everything went well, the trader carried out successful transactions and made money. As soon as he decided to withdraw the capital, technical support stopped answering questions. The project staff decided not to return the invested money.

Reviews about the brokerage company Kalita Finance

Clients complain about the drain of the deposit. As soon as they bought dollars, the value began to reverse sharply. The supplied quotes do not at all coincide with the market ones, which clearly indicates the criminal machinations of the office. Technical support employees mock customers without giving them any help.

Scam reviews Kalita Finance

Deceived traders talk about how they fell for a scam and spent huge sums. The company regularly holds competitions, promising advice from the best analysts. Clients are wasting their money on useless services, receiving false signals from laymen. The firm is not popular, and there are many shortcomings in its system. There are big problems with the withdrawal of funds, which indicates fraudulent activities.

Reviews about scam broker Kalita Finance

The office sets high commissions and charges a large amount for withdrawing funds. It charges interest on unused money. As soon as a person replenishes his account, he receives intrusive calls from managers. Project staff talk about the need to invest a larger amount. The client blocked the consultants, after which his account was reset to zero.

Negative feedback about cooperation with Kalita Finance

Is it worth trading with the project?

Our today’s hero promises quality services, while in fact he has nothing to do with global markets. There are a lot of comments on the network about the criminal activities of Grand Capital. Reviews describe blocking accounts, refusing to pay, and standard theft. Project staff are rude and intrusive. Sometimes they openly mock the client. Collaboration with such firms always leads to failure. They are not real brokers, but they promise their traders to get rich quick.

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