A typical Just2Trade scam: a scam!

A typical Just2Trade scam: a scam!

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Just2Trade Broker Review

Just2Trade offers a full range of services from an international broker. It provides its services to traders from all over the world, urging them to deposit a large amount. A beginner may be attracted to big promises, but don’t jump to conclusions. Before making a final decision, it is recommended to make a detailed check, read the comments of real players. Today’s article will help you define who Just2Trade really is and how it works with traders.

What does the project say about itself?

Claiming to be a leading investment company, Just2Trade provides no real evidence. It guarantees its clients direct access to global markets, but does not actually take trades outside of its own system. The creators of the project talk about the constant provision of high quality services. They promise a superior trading experience when the reality is that market players complain about bad platforms and slow processes. The description on the brokerage web portal does not correspond to reality at all. To notice the deception, a superficial analysis of customer reviews is enough.

In addition to brokerage services, Just2Trade offers portfolio management and investment advice. It provides an opportunity for fast and relatively cheap currency exchange. Project specialists conduct research, posting the results of the analysis on the official website.

Just2Trade broker review with customer reviews

Just2Trade speaks about the advantages that attract the attention of beginners:

  1. An authorized and regulated broker that provides reliable capital protection.
  2. Provides direct access to global markets.
  3. 24/7 personalized support is provided.
  4. Each trader can count on professional analytical assistance.
  5. The trader can use high-speed infrastructure.

Naturally, before starting cooperation, a market player must check the above advantages. It should be taken into account that some exchange intermediaries are engaged in fraud and publish fake values. They do not carry out real trading activities, but hide behind it to lure large sums.

Company information Just2Trade

Features of trading with Just2Trade

The company provides access to various financial assets. It allows you to trade stocks, bonds, currencies and futures contracts. The company provides negative balance protection and analytical support. A trader can count on fast execution and leverage, the amount of which depends on the chosen instrument.

A registered client can use a demo account. It allows you to test new strategies without risking losing real money. Just2Trade provides the Metatrader 4 and 5 trading platform. It allows you to use the economic calendar, news bulletins and the trading center. There is an informational blog on the brokerage web portal. It allows market players to get acquainted with important events and make a correct forecast.

Features of the broker Just2Trade

Earnings on affiliate programs

Representatives of the project claim that registration as a partner opens up new opportunities for increasing income. The market player receives high remuneration, proven resources and many years of experience. A partner program participant can use branded widgets, advertising materials. With the help of marketing tools, he will increase the conversion and attract the maximum number of new customers.

Each partner can choose the format of cooperation. Pay per conversion provides for accruals for each registration of new users. After creating a new account, the program participant receives 6 dollars, and with the replenishment of the deposit, he can count on payments of up to 300 US units. If a partner needs an individual approach and the best conditions, he will choose the IB program. It involves remuneration for the transactions made. The more actively the attracted client trades, the larger the affiliate payout.

Just2Trade Broker Affiliate Program

Opinion about Just2Trade broker

Traders talk about how they fell for the persuasion and believed in the Cypriot license. In reality, it turned out that the pseudo-broker is engaged in fraud. The client account was blocked immediately after a large transaction was made. An appeal to the prosecutor’s office did not bring any result. The market player regrets contacting this kitchen.

Negative feedback on cooperation with Just2Trade broker

The office publishes promises, but is in no hurry to fulfill them. In fact, the yield turned out to be about 6% per annum, while they promised at least 20%. Turning to the managers, the client did not receive any useful information. Some experts have serious suspicions about the company. They believe that registration in Cyprus is not a guarantee of private trading activity. Apparently, the firm does not bring transactions to the interbank market.

Review of Just2Trade scam broker

The exchange intermediary is not reliable. The market player used brokerage services for about a year, and during this time there were a lot of problems with the terminal. He leaked $600 and that was the end of his collaboration with the project. Many merchants talk about the low quality of services. The working platform freezes, and the withdrawal of funds is very slow.

Reviews about the unreliability of the broker Just2Trade

International market participants complain about tough trading conditions. The terminal freezes, slippages are constantly encountered in it. It is impossible to work under such circumstances.

Just2Trade kitchen review

Prospects for cooperation with the office

It is worth noting that there are not only negative, but also positive reviews about Just2Trade in the network. This project has a controversial reputation, and therefore laudatory comments may well be wound up. Mostly traders complain about a bad platform, failure to fulfill promises, problematic withdrawals and the lack of real brokerage services. Market players assume that the office carries out transactions within its own system, taking away all the money invested. Most likely, in cooperation with the project, the trader will lose his savings.

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