Freedom Finance – an investment project or a scam?

Freedom Finance – an investment project or a scam?

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Freedom Finance Broker Review

Freedom Finance offers public investments for all global market participants. The company allows you to earn on stocks, ETFs, bonds and other financial instruments. It allows you to increase your savings with a savings account. You can open an account in just 10 minutes, replenishment is carried out instantly from a credit card or through a payment service. This raises the question of how reliable this service is, whether it can be trusted. Today we will analyze the company and find out the true goals of its creators. The investor will understand whether it is worth investing in the project.

Key features of Freedom Finance

The company is trying to attract newcomers, and therefore colorfully describes the prospects for cooperation. It focuses on the advantages that distinguish it from competitors:

  1. More than 1,000,000 financial instruments are presented on the official website of Freedom Finance. The client can trade stocks, futures, bonds on the world’s largest exchanges. He gets the best conditions, and therefore will conclude only profitable deals.
  2. High level of profitability. A savings account allows you to receive up to 3% per annum in dollars. It provides good earnings with a minimum level of risk. Yield is calculated daily.
  3. Offer for active users. If a market player communicates with colleagues, he can offer them registration in the brokerage system. For each attracted investor, he will receive generous payments.
  4. Trading takes place on an award-winning platform.
  5. Analysts of the firm provide ready-made trading ideas. They talk about the most promising areas, publishing valuable tips for beginners.

Each company strives to present itself in the best light, and therefore you should not believe empty statements. Before replenishing the starting capital, it is recommended to check the site Reviews on third-party resources will help to find out the true state of affairs. If the firm has often been accused of criminal fraud, then it is better to bypass it.

Freedom Finance official website

Broker affiliate program

Trading on is not the only way to make money. If an exchange player has his own website or often communicates with traders, he can earn on an affiliate program. The Company provides marketing materials that must be posted on the site or sent in private messages. By attracting new investors, the referral will receive additional income. The more contributors, the larger the total revenue. Immediately after registering in the system, he will receive a referral link and access to his personal account.

Freedom Finance Broker Affiliate Program

Freedom Finance offers two affiliate programs:

  • Cost per conversion. There is a fee from 5 to 300 euros, depending on the size of the starting capital of the attracted player. This option of cooperation is suitable for active users with minimal initial investment.
  • CPA + Introducing Broker. Allows you to receive a reward for the conversion and 25% of the brokerage commission. The affiliate program was created for bloggers and owners of their own information portal.

The company provides consultations of a personal manager who helps to open an account and understand the system. The exchange intermediary offers ready-made marketing materials for information resources. It provides personal space but communicates with clients in real time. You can join the program after registration, but before that you need to check the integrity of the project.

Freedom Finance scam broker review

We evaluate the prospects for earning!

Many clients talk about unfavorable trading conditions. The company sets large commissions that do not allow you to get rich on the price difference. The working platform functions stably, but there are flaws in its functionality. The client cannot hedge orders; in order to earn money, he has to constantly control the position, because stops are not always triggered. Some traders indicate that after submitting an application for withdrawal of funds, project employees contribute to the draining of the deposit. Orders are opened with a delay, it is impossible to close a position in the Freedom Finance system in a timely manner. The reviews are mostly negative, and therefore we do not recommend cooperation with the project.

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