Avatrade: is it another scam?

Avatrade: is it another scam?

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Avatrade broker review

In today’s article, we will introduce the reader to another brokerage project operating under the name Avatrade. This is a fairly popular company that operates on global markets and invites traders from different countries to cooperate. It describes favorable conditions, a wide range of available markets and relatively low prices, but is it worth believing in the veracity of these statements? The investor will find out the answer to this question in the analytical review!

Features of a brokerage company

Exchange intermediary Avatrade was founded in the Irish city of Dublin in 2006. At the moment, the company has opened official representative offices in 10 countries around the world. According to the site, the companies are trusted by 200,000 active users. Clients make more than 2 million transactions every month, while earning impressive profits. An exchange intermediary is regulated by a Japanese, South African and Australian government agency. Thus, the company has the right to carry out full-fledged market trading.

The company provides an opportunity to earn money on various financial assets. It has stocks, securities, stock indices, digital coins and currency pairs in its arsenal. All of these investment products can be traded on a high-tech platform. To start trading activities, you will need to deposit 100 US dollars. If desired, the client will be able to increase his capital through the use of leverage. The lever reaches a ratio of 1:400. The exchange intermediary sets fairly high spreads, which range from 0.8 to 3 pips.

Personal account of Avatrade broker

What are the conditions for trading?

The brokerage company offers to use the popular Metatrader system in versions 4 and 5. This is a popular development that allows you to analyze world markets using indicators and advisers. A trader has a large number of time intervals and various price charts at his disposal. In addition, the firm has developed its own systems for options trading (AvaOptions) and work on a mobile phone (AvaTradeGo).

The exchange intermediary Avatrade offers the following trading conditions:

  • The client is provided with two types of accounts. Beginners and conservative players can activate the standard account, while experienced investors will use the professional rate. The second option of cooperation provides for enhanced functionality and the most favorable prices.
  • More than 1250 financial assets are at the disposal of the stock player. An investor can trade products of different groups, diversifying the associated risks.
  • At the start of cooperation, a free demo account is provided. The investor will make transactions in an absolutely safe mode. He can test the developed strategies, refining them to perfection. The demo account is only valid for 21 days.
  • Position sizes start from 0.01 lot. The trader gets the opportunity to trade in small volumes, reducing the level of risk.
  • Trading cryptographic currencies is carried out without commissions. Other financial instruments have small commission charges.
  • There is an opportunity to invest in rising or falling markets.
  • You can replenish the initial deposit using a plastic card or a special payment service. There is a bank transfer, which is considered the safest and most reliable way.

Company Avatrade

Support can be contacted by phone, online chat or email. The company guarantees round-the-clock assistance, but in fact, consultants do not always answer. Managers rarely answer the phone, in the support chat they answer much more often. Before starting trading activities on the avatrade.fr platform, it is recommended to check the reputation of the brokerage company. There are many scammers in the world market that you should stay away from.

Avatrade official website

Avatrade company – is it worth to cooperate?

The exchange intermediary has a very ambiguous reputation. Some participants in the global market talk about the terrible work of the support service. Brand employees do not respond to requests, ignoring the messages of their client. Recently, customers have noticed extremely poor performance. Most of the transactions go into the red, and therefore the start-up capital is systematically drained. It is also worth noting the positive reviews. Traders withdraw profits and consider trading conditions to be quite normal. Given some angry comments, we cannot recommend the company for cooperation.

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