How secure is trading on the Delta Exchange crypto exchange?

How secure is trading on the Delta Exchange crypto exchange?

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Overview of the crypto exchange Delta Exchange

Delta Exchange is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange that has been providing financial services since 2018. The geography of her clients is diverse: India, Russia, the United States and many other large countries. The range of offers of the site is described as very wide. Trade is promised around the clock. It would seem, what else does an investor need for comfort? reviews cite many factors. For example, the presence of regulation and truth on the official website. The debate over the true picture of cooperation with the site is confusing. What is the truth – we tell in this review.

Basic information about the company

On the website of the crypto platform (, in principle, there is enough information to understand whether it makes sense to transfer even the smallest amounts to it. Let’s start by checking the domain. The launch of the exchange, according to its own data, took place in 2018. And it’s actually like this:

Delta Exchange Company Domain Information

The analyzer estimates the cost of the domain itself not too high:

Delta Exchange Broker Domain Valuation

For a financial company, this is not only a matter of image, but also of security. It is unlikely that for $ 320 you can pay for hosting costs, set up targeting, design and install security programs. Especially when it comes to a five-year organization.
A pleasant discovery is the publication of information about the management of Delta Exchange. It can be found in the “About us” section. The CEO of the company is Pankaj Balani. By entering his name in a search engine, you will see a lot of publications on various resources dedicated to cryptocurrencies. The only embarrassing thing is that all these editions are repeated. The CEO has social media. The number of his subscribers in them does not exceed 6 thousand, which, in general, is not enough for the founder of the site with a 60 million trading turnover per day (of course, we are talking about US dollars).
As for the rest of the staff of the exchange, it consists of approximately 25 people.

Is regulated?

The company’s website states that it is administered from St. Vincent and the Grenadines and is “self-regulating.” This beautiful wording in fact means only that the company does not have a single document that would allow it to have financial relations with anyone. She literally endowed herself with such powers and does not even hide it. There is not a word about licensing on the official web resource of the site. Needless to say, this puts you at risk and denies you the right to receive legal support in case of loss of money?

Trading on Delta Exchange

The company reports that it offers its clients several categories of trading assets at once to choose from:

  • options;
  • interest rate swaps on bitcoins and the most popular altcoins;
  • perpetual swaps;
  • futures.

The specific crypto assets that can be traded are: BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, LTC, NEO, BSV, BCH and BAT. Leverage in this case is up to x100. Such a high value is designed for inexperienced beginners who are not aware of all the risks of using the tool.
Another obstacle to making a profit on, judging by the reviews, are very high commissions. For takers, they are 0.05%, and for makers – 0.02%. For withdrawal, you will have to pay 0.0005 bitcoins (about $18 at the current exchange rate). It is also suspicious that you can receive money once a day, although everyone knows that the main advantage of cryptocurrencies is their decentralization, which eliminates the need for confirmation of transactions by someone from outside.
The functionality of the trading environment of the exchange itself is primitive – the usual TradingView: it has a field for entering the amount of the desired purchase / sale and a chart with asset quotes in real time. There are no significant additions to the software.
The company has also developed its own trading app for smartphones. Traders can use it only from 2021. The rating on the Play Market for the development is quite high – 4.2 points.

Bonus policy

Not every client carefully reads the Terms and Agreements before creating a personal account on Delta Exchange. The review shows that this is a huge mistake, since it is there that a line with small print can be seen under the promised 12% bonus. It states that in order to withdraw funds from the exchange, the player needs to equalize the amount of the deposit and bonus with the commission. At 0.05% fees, the amount is 2240 times the initial capital. That is, by depositing $1,000 into your account, to receive a $120 bonus, you literally have to trade $2.5 million. As you can see, the risks are enormous!

Delta Exchange: testimonials from real customers

Finally, the most important part of this material is to indicate an overview of user comments regarding cooperation with the crypto exchange. As expected, most of them are extremely negative:

Negative reviews about Delta Exchange broker

Bad review about Delta Exchange

Feedback on trading with Delta Exchange broker

There are, as we see, laudatory responses. But, unfortunately, it is difficult to call them plausible. Few clients will list the advantages of the company in such detail.

Review results

Coming to the end of our analysis, we can form the pros and cons of the Delta Exchange crypto exchange:

Advantages disadvantages
Good mobile app Small list of available assets
Five year term Lack of key documentation
Devastating bonus program
Lots of negative reviews
Huge commissions

It seems that the conclusions are obvious: nothing good can be expected from investments in It’s better to buy a lottery ticket – at least it has a chance of winning.


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