Trust broker ICE MARKETS or not? Trader reviews

Trust broker ICE MARKETS or not? Trader reviews

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Review of the broker ICE MARKETS

ICE MARKETS claims to be constantly adding new features for its customers. It brings transactions to the stock and cryptocurrency markets, providing a high level of liquidity. In today’s article, we will tell you how the project actually works and what goals its creators pursue. By understanding the important characteristics of a broker, a market player will be able to bypass scammers.

More about the broker ICE MARKETS

The official website of the exchange intermediary tells about the brokerage license. Here is a certificate of registration, it is possible to view the data in the registry. The market player receives all legal information, but he should not make hasty decisions about cooperation.

ICE MARKETS talks about its competitive advantages:

  1. Professional risk management. The brokerage company imposes limits on the losses of its traders. Each market player can determine the acceptable level of risk, which is very useful for ensuring the safety of capital.
  2. Experienced managers. Project managers carefully select employees, providing their clients with only the best specialists.
  3. Product portfolio. Experts create turnkey portfolio solutions for their investors. A market player can use a ready-made strategy and earn on financial assets.
  4. The multiplication system reduces the amount of funds required to obtain a similar investment result. In other words, a trader can invest a smaller amount but work with large orders.
  5. Displaying the statistical parameters of the investor. The client receives a complete financial report.

Numerous advantages are presented on the official website of the broker, but the reader should not believe empty words. Before starting a professional activity, he must check the ICE MARKETS trading system. An overview of the real characteristics will help you choose a reliable intermediary for long-term cooperation.

Trading conditions of the broker ICE MARKETS

Trading with ICE MARKETS: trading conditions

The exchange intermediary has prepared three accounts for different groups of clients:

  • STP Demo is a test account that allows you to try out a new strategy in a completely safe mode. The trader will not have to deposit real money, he will be able to carry out transactions with a zero balance. Brand representatives warn that this tariff differs in trading conditions, execution and lack of margin requirements.
  • STP is well suited for monitoring counterparty volumes and prices. This account provides the best prices through Soft-FX liquidity aggregator. It is a software package for aggregating liquidity from various external counterparties.
  • STP-MA is a modified account that is designed to manage investor funds. Functionally, it is a hybrid of PAMM, LAMM and MAM accounts.

As a trading platform, the company presents MetaTrader 4 version. This terminal is considered the gold standard and has a wide range of functionality. Using this program, a trader gets multilingual support, financial news, an intuitive interface, a wide range of intervals, a one-click trading function, and automation capabilities.

An exchange player should take into account that a demo account is significantly different from real accounts. The results obtained cannot be called correct, because testing does not provide for risk management, demonstration of hedged positions, and so on. Before replenishing a deposit for a large amount, a trader should carefully check the reputation of the ICE MARKETS project. The broker should provide legal documents and registration in a reliable jurisdiction.

Risk management broker ICE MARKETS

Company affiliate programs

If a member of the system wants to gain additional profit, he can get the status of a partner. A partner program participant must attract new clients to trade on ICE MARKETS accounts. The company pays remuneration in the form of commission deductions. If the referral opens a managed account, then the partner receives a part of the commissions paid by investors.

The amount of remuneration depends entirely on the total amount of commissions paid by the partner’s referrals. If a member of the system intends to receive individual conditions, he can enter into partnerships with banks, hedge funds and managers. The exchange intermediary attracts everyone who has professional experience in the field of marketing.

75 instruments for trading broker ICE MARKETS

Reputation of ICE MARKETS: feedback from practicing traders

Market players talk about long-term cooperation. Affiliate programs work quite well. The company makes timely payments and provides its partners with the necessary marketing materials. Trade is also going well. Transactions are brought to the interbank market, the broker cooperates with major liquidity providers.

Review of the broker ICE MARKETS

On the net, you can also find negative comments about the brokerage project. Despite the presence of licenses and certificates, traders generally give low marks. Many comments relate to problems with quotes, account blocking and refusal of payments without explanation.

Bad, angry review about the broker ICE MARKETS

Is it worth it to cooperate with the project?

On the net you can find a variety of reviews about the brokerage project ICE MARKETS. Fraudsters are often accused of stealing funds, resetting the balance, deactivating the account. Despite some positive comments, we cannot recommend cooperation with the company.

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