Why is it dangerous to trade with the PrimeXBT broker?

Why is it dangerous to trade with the PrimeXBT broker?

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PrimeXBT broker review

Market intermediary PrimeXBT offers high leverage transactions. It calls to join millions of users from beginners to professionals. A trader can choose one of the presented products and start trading on the exchange, but is it worth it? In today’s review, we will tell you how the company works and whether you can trust it with start-up capital.

Brokerage company PrimeXBT and its technologies

The exchange intermediary was founded in 2018. He claims that from the first working day he has shown rapid growth. At the moment, the office allegedly serves 150 countries and works with traders of various professional levels. The company promises to provide access to advanced liquidity and a wide range of financial instruments. It guarantees security while providing an efficient trading environment for its clients.

PrimeXBT is a company that offers a reliable system for anyone who needs up-to-date news and productive platforms. The exchange intermediary talks about the infrastructure, which is designed to process a large number of orders and is able to withstand extreme loads. Traders of all levels are able to create and customize layouts that fully suit their trading style. The broker prides itself on offering innovative products and professional trading conditions, but these claims need to be verified.

Terms of trading with broker PrimeXBT

What are the conditions for transactions?

This project offers market trading with digital coins, currency pairs, commodities and stock indices. The trader has access to margin trading with high leverage, the amount of which is not reported. There are two tariff plans for the choice of a potential client. One of them allows you to carry out independent transactions in the global market, while the other provides for copy trading.

There is no minimum deposit on a standard account, so a market player can start from any amount. All available instruments are provided as financial assets. Spreads start from 0 pips and the commission is 0.0001% of the trade size. The company promises market execution, but such low commissions lead to thoughts of PrimeXBT scam. An overview of trading conditions and legal documents will help you draw the right conclusion.

PrimeXBT broker trading platform

The company allows using several types of orders:

  • Limit.
  • Stop orders.
  • Market.

Using different types of orders, a trader will be able to implement even the most complex strategy. The brokerage company allows you to use promotional codes and raise the status of your account. There are several trading instruments on the official website primexbt.com. A market player will be able to view price charts for popular financial instruments. Before starting a productive activity, the merchant must check the integrity of the office.

About PrimeXBT

Copy trading in the PrimeXBT system

The intermediary offers to discover a smarter way to trade. The client can choose among the best traders and copy their trades to his own terminal. A registered participant receives a special module that allows you to view hundreds of trading strategies submitted by other players. The participant will learn from the experience of professionals, receiving large profits.

PrimeXBT lists numerous advantages of its module:

  1. Simple use. A market player can create their own trading system or follow other traders.
  2. Power. The user can trade 50 financial instruments, including cryptocurrencies, indices, and more.
  3. Reliability. The company claims that its platform is absolutely safe.

The brokerage project claims that the high-tech module publishes its results in free access and allows you to compete with other traders in a completely transparent environment. Each member is able to monetize their skills by earning extra income with PrimeXBT. The broker offers a reward for the success of the followers. The more subscribers a market player acquires, the larger his final earnings.

PrimeXBT website

PrimeXBT – scammers or an honest company?

In the reviews, traders claim that this broker is engaged in a scam. Apparently, the company paints quotes, because its prices differ significantly from other brokers. Requotes appear in the terminal, which prevent profitable transactions from being carried out.

Negative feedback about cooperation with PrimeXBT

International market participants say that the company has completely deteriorated. Recently, long withdrawal delays have begun to occur, the trading system in every possible way prevents earnings. Traders complain about the poor service and extremely low liquidity of PrimeXBT. Reviews in most cases indicate the poor performance of the brokerage company, and therefore we cannot recommend cooperation with it.

Bad reviews about PrimeXBT

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