IFC Markets: why not invest?

IFC Markets: why not invest?

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IFC Markets: broker platform review

IFC Markets actively advertises its services, attracting beginners and experienced traders. It promises quality services, but as a result of cooperation, it takes all the capital. Before us is a standard swindler who hides behind brokerage activities and steals client funds. In this review, we will tell you what distinguishes a scammer and how to protect yourself from deception. A practicing investor will be able to choose a reliable broker for long-term cooperation.

How is the IFC Markets project different from others?

The company calls itself an industry leader. It allows you to trade with a wide range of instruments, including currency pairs and CFDs. The broker claims to have 17 years of market trading experience. At the moment, he allegedly serves 210,000 customers from 80 countries. The exchange intermediary focuses on its features:

  1. The company claims to operate in accordance with international standards. It is regulated and financially responsible to its clients.
  2. Wide range of financial assets. The trader gets at his disposal currencies, stocks, commodities and stock indices.
  3. An affiliate program for introducing brokers is available. The partner will receive $15 for each trading lot of the attracted client. The company notes the simple mechanism of the referral program and quick registration in the system.

The company is trying to attract new market players, but the investor should not rush to choose an exchange intermediary. There are many dubious offices in the world market, and one of them is IFC Markets. The review showed that this exchange participant has an extremely bad reputation. The network has a huge number of reviews that talk about the criminal fraud of the project.

IFC Markets website

Trading with a brokerage company

The intermediary offers to carry out transactions with any starting capital. The trader receives a leverage ratio of 1:400 and fixed spreads from 1.8 pips. The company provides a feed of market news, it allows the use of hedging. The intermediary provides instant opening of positions of any volume. A trader can use the popular Metatrader systems or the NetTradeX platform.

An experienced trader can switch to a VIP account and get an additional advantage. A personal manager is connected to the account, who will provide qualified assistance. The trader acquires flexible trading conditions, he can use exclusive tools. Free access to the VPS server is provided. No commission is charged for depositing and withdrawing funds. A preliminary transfer of money to the player’s deposit is carried out.

The company took care of improving the skills of its traders. The official web portal provides training materials that will help you reach a new professional level. A beginner receives video lessons, e-books on market trading. He has access to the glossary and the Trading Academy. All materials are prepared by brand specialists.

NetTradeX Broker IFC Markets

Portfolio quoting with IFC Markets

The portfolio quotation method provides for an unlimited number of trading instruments. The company claims that this is an innovative approach to studying financial markets and analyzing their dynamics. This method is based on the concept that one asset is quoted by another. IFC Markets lists several advantages of this approach:

  • There is an opportunity to trade unique instruments. The created assets will be resistant to market volatility and help protect against unexpected price movements.
  • Portfolio analysis and rebalancing is greatly simplified. These functions are already integrated into the trading platform.
  • A market player can trade a positional portfolio that consists of short and long positions.
  • The trader will analyze the deep price history. He will be able to study the financial asset in absolute terms or in relation to other instruments.
  • The technique allows you to create both simple and complex portfolios consisting of dozens of financial assets.

The market player gets more than 30,000 new instruments and stock indices at his disposal. He has access to a special module for creating unique financial assets. A trader can use a variety of strategies. The company claims that the portfolio quotation method allows you to look at market trends from a completely different angle. It points to scalability, flexibility and uniqueness that open up new horizons for analysis.

Trading assets and instruments IFC Markets

Analytical materials on the project website

IFC Markets broker provides its clients with market data. It acquaints the exchange player with current prices, allowing him to analyze the change in rates. On the official website of the project, you can get acquainted with the driving forces of the market and the basics of technical analysis. The trader receives an economic calendar that describes important events. Brand specialists provide trading ideas that can lead to an attractive profit level.

Block of the brokerage company IFC Markets

What they say about IFC Markets: reviews of traders

Reputation plays an important role, and before choosing a brokerage project, you should carefully check the comments. IFC Markets company causes dissatisfaction among users. The connection often breaks on the platform, payments are lost, the balance fluctuates. Technical support does not help to solve the problems that have arisen. Market players have a negative impression. The office is in no hurry to provide quality services.

IFC Markets broker scam reviews

Market players point to high distribution. The working system is not translated into some languages, which disturbs the users. The withdrawal of money is carried out inefficiently. Among the positive aspects note customer service.

Review of IFC Markets

Traders talk about the brokerage scam. Fraudsters lure into their system with generous bonus programs and great offers. The minimum deposit is only $1, which is very convenient for beginners. The office creates the illusion of getting rich quick on a demo account, which attracts investors to replenish the deposit. As a result, the market player drained most of his capital and was unable to withdraw the rest.

IFC Markets scam feedback

The exchange intermediary blocks accounts immediately after the provision of bonus funds. He pulls out the last money from his victims, leaving no opportunity for earning. In some cases, third-party users reset the client account.

Strange reviews about the work of IFC Markets

Why not trade with IFC Markets?

The professional activity of this project raises serious questions. Apparently, the office brazenly deceives market players, telling them about the high potential earnings. After replenishing the account, she promises a large bonus, but instead blocks the account. Withdrawing money from this system does not seem real. Market players often post comments about the criminal activities of IFC Markets. Fraudsters have nothing to do with financial markets.

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