Investment project of Gerchik&Co: is it worth investing?

Investment project of Gerchik&Co: is it worth investing?

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Investment project of Gerchik&Co

There are many dubious projects on the international market and Gerchik&Co is one of them. The founder of this company positions himself as a legend from Wall Street. He claims to develop a win-win strategy that is available to everyone. The founder of the brand makes unrealistic promises, but newcomers are easily fooled. They dream of simple enrichment, and Alexander Gerchik gives them false hope.

Characteristics of the Gerchik&Co project: a brief history

The official web portal of the company is its hallmark. The project in question has a very mediocre website that does not inspire confidence at all. It is only one page long and contains empty claims of global leadership. The brand founder presents himself as an experienced trader ready to guide newbies. He promises big money in global markets to all students, regardless of the personal characteristics of each individual merchant. As practice shows, this approach is chosen by scammers who want to lure as many participants into their system as possible.

Alexander Gerchik claims that he created his strategy thanks to 20 years of trading experience. He developed his own method of day trading, which allows you to earn within one day. The specialist claims that in order to achieve success, it is necessary to have an analytical mindset, endurance and the ability to work with a large amount of information.

The founder of the project points out that since 1999 he has not had a single unprofitable month. It claims to be the most reliable and secure day trader. From 2003 to 2010, Alexander was the managing partner of a large American company. It is known that thanks to the efforts of Gerchik, this company became a member of the New York Stock Exchange. The web portal tells about many years of experience and other advantages of the founder of Gerchik&Co. Fraudsters can publish false information on their resource, so a market player should be very careful when choosing a company.

Site of Gerchik&Co

What education does the company offer?

Having extensive trading experience, Alexander Gerchik created the author’s trading system on the stock exchange. At the moment, he conducts seminars in which he shares his main secret: how to make money on the global exchange. Its training course is designed in such a way that each participant can learn useful knowledge. The lessons will be useful for beginners and professionals who want to increase their level of profit.

The founder of the Gerchik&Co project is the author of several books:

Books by the founder of Gerchik&Co

  • “The Grail of the Exchange or the Adventures of the Trader Pinocchio”
  • “Exchange for blondes”
  • Active Trader Course. Buy, sell, earn.

In addition, the exchange player released a practical training course on trading “Reboot from Gerchik”. The technique was applied by more than 20,000 students. The founder of the brand claims that his strategy allows you to increase profits by at least 2 times. Alexander has hundreds of interviews and analytical reports. He has his own YouTube channel, which regularly publishes new training videos from the Gerchik&Co project. The broker is active on social media, encouraging young traders to join the system. He demonstrates his success, but a standard scam may be hiding behind a beautiful wrapper.

Biography of Alex Gerchik

Opinion about Gerchik&Co: overview of comments

Traders talk about negative experiences of cooperation. They paid for tuition but received no useful information. After that, the client began to cooperate with the company and a personal manager was connected to his account. The consultant leaked the entire initial deposit, after which the market player refused to work further. As a result, the merchant spent three months of his life and 1,000 US dollars. He is disappointed with this project.

Negative feedback about Gerchik&Co

Clients talk about intrusive ads from Gerchik&Co. The company calls itself the best broker in the world, while in fact it provides a very mediocre service. The office sets too high spreads and requires you to pay commissions. The withdrawal procedure does not comply with the regulations at all. The exchange intermediary promises payments within 3 hours, while in fact the receipts come much later. Traders have doubts about the honesty of the competitions.

Gerchik&Co scam review

Market players point to the manipulation of quotes. The firm does everything to merge the client’s deposit. There are artificial technical failures on its platform. Successful accounts are blocked for contrived reasons. Some transactions may be closed in the negative if the office employee makes such a decision. Contacting technical support is extremely difficult.

Divorce review by Gerchik&Co

Why should you beware of this company?

The company has an extremely negative reputation. The official site is filled with loud statements, which in fact turn out to be empty. The trader is not recommended to contact the Gerchik&Co project. Reviews allow us to conclude about the criminal fraud of this investment firm. Its employees take capital in a variety of ways. They give deliberately false advice, adjust quotes and provide a freezing terminal.

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