How Axe Capital Works: Defrauding Traders and Stealing Money

How Axe Capital Works: Defrauding Traders and Stealing Money

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Axe Capital broker review and reviewsy

Axe Capital is doing everything to lure inexperienced investors to its platform. Managers persuade people to make a large deposit, talking about the many advantages of their trading system. Behind the mask of a conscientious broker is a swindler who pursues the only goal – to take all the money from a gullible client.

How does the Axe Capital project describe itself?

The company calls itself a reliable financial services provider for traders around the world. It provides an opportunity to carry out transactions with numerous instruments, including stocks and Forex currencies. Working platforms provide instant access to markets via the Internet. The trader will be able to log in via smartphone, personal computer or tablet. He can open deals with one click, manage an investment portfolio through a special panel.

The company says that it strives to provide a safe and inexpensive investment for all clients. The project was based on simple defining principles:

  1. Technical innovation.
  2. Financial education.
  3. Sustainable investment.

Axe Capital is a company that claims to be honest and completely transparent. She continues her professional development by creating new services for her clients. The exchange intermediary claims that the accounts of its traders are completely safe. It uses state-of-the-art security measures to ensure complete confidentiality of personal data. A registered trader receives a 24/7 support service, a free demo account, a large selection of tariff plans and an educational center that allows you to gain knowledge online.

Educational materials of the broker Axe Capital

What trading conditions does the company offer?

By cooperating with this project, a trader can count on daily news and analytical materials. He will receive real-time charts that will allow him to track the direction of quotes. Easy account management, fast deposits and withdrawals are provided.

Axe Capital broker offers 5 tariff plans for the client to choose from. The cheapest account allows you to start with a $250 deposit. A beginner will be able to consult with a personal assistant once a week. 1 signal is provided daily, an introductory consultation, a personal analysis of online platforms is carried out. To expand their potential, a trader can activate a more expensive tariff. The Silver account provides for a deposit of $1,000. The most expensive account “Exclusive” will require 100 thousand dollars.

Trading conditions of the broker Axe Capital

Working Platform Functions

The brokerage office offers to carry out transactions through a unique program. It provides traders with its own development, which is characterized by simplicity and sophistication. This system provides fast order execution and is equipped with the latest analysis tools. Trading is supported by charts and live data feed. The Axe Capital terminal has the following functionality:

  • Provides access to the economic calendar and price alerts. A trader can manage risks using special orders, receive signals about opening or closing positions.
  • You can execute a trading order literally in one click. Fast trade execution is especially important for scalpers who make dozens of trades per day.
  • Informative reports are provided that allow you to analyze your own strategy. The market player can determine the effectiveness of the tactics used. If necessary, he will make adjustments to his trading system and reach a new professional level.

Axe Capital news

The company describes an excellent working platform that has a wide range of functionality. At the same time, you can find several comments on the network about how poorly this program works. Traders point to freezes and crashes, they are dissatisfied with the quality of brokerage services provided. Apparently, the office took the standard terminal and gave it its name. This is often done by scammers who offer to carry out transactions through low quality programs.

About Axe Capital

Opinion of Axe Capital clients: reviews of traders

Market players cannot make a withdrawal. They repeatedly applied for it, but did not receive their money. Managers drop reports that show great results. Thus, they encourage the investor to make the largest possible replenishment of the deposit. As a result, an analyst connects to the account and the capital quickly evaporates.

Feedback on cooperation with Axe Capital

Traders point to the numerous flaws in the Axe Capital project. The review allows us to conclude that the office is a standard scam. She promises large profits, but as a result she professionally drains the deposit. Brand representatives are trying to lure the last money from their client.

Negative feedback about Axe Capital

The company conducts a rather strange trading activity. All her work comes down to getting the maximum possible amount from the client. There is no normal information about trading accounts on the official website, leverage and spreads are not specified. The scammer provides a minimum of information, wanting to confuse a potential client.

Bad reviews about Axe Capital

What is the pseudo-broker’s deception?

Apparently, Axe Capital are long-term scammers. They have been deceiving market players for more than a year, pulling out all the accumulated money from the wallets of their victims. Criminal fraud is immediately determined by the reviews, because most of them have a negative connotation. Traders complain about the theft of funds, extremely poor service. They recommend avoiding this project.

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M Devika

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