Analysis of the CapTrader project: trading conditions and reviews

Analysis of the CapTrader project: trading conditions and reviews

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CapTrader broker review and reviews

Exchange trading is a risky business, but the CapTrader project leaves no chance for its clients to make money. He brazenly takes away the start-up capital, hiding behind a variety of excuses. Participants of this brokerage system cannot make profitable transactions due to a poor-quality terminal. They lose their money with no way to resolve the issue in court.

Overview of the exchange intermediary

On the official website of the project you can find information about prices and trading conditions. The CapTrader broker introduces the potential client to tariff plans that are suitable for different groups of clients. Brand specialists provide ready-made ideas that allow you to reach an attractive level of profit. The intermediary publishes analytical materials, attracting both beginners and professional traders to its platform.

The company describes the advantages that distinguish it from competitors:

  1. Awarded support. Experienced market players will help resolve any issues.
  2. Low costs. The company establishes transparent commissions and favorable financing conditions.
  3. Free access to the world market. A trader can invest in 1.2 million securities worldwide.
  4. First class technology. The merchant will receive professional platforms and modern tools to carry out efficient transactions.

The company describes its global reach. She claims to work in 33 countries around the world. The office promises its clients free software for online trading. When analyzing a brokerage project, a trader should pay special attention to legal documents. Our today’s hero does not demonstrate licenses that confirm the legal entry into world markets. It seems that this office is not regulated by anyone. Therefore, it cannot make real transactions on the interbank market. Unregulated brokers expose the client to huge risks. Most often, they take away all the money, preventing them from entering the world markets.

Trading assets broker CapTrader

Characteristics of services and accounts

The exchange intermediary offers its customers to choose a tariff plan that best suits their requirements. A private investor can choose a single or joint account. If he is planning passive investment, then it is worth activating managed accounts. Professional portfolio managers create their own strategies to help beginners make money. The investor chooses the appropriate level of profit and risk, and then monitors the result.

CapTrader offers several services for registered clients:

CapTrader broker site

  • Trading in US stocks. A trader can buy a security for as little as one cent.
  • Awarded trading app. The exchange intermediary claims that its development took first place in 2021 and 2022.
  • The company offers to use its own platform of investment instruments. This development was created on the basis of artificial intelligence. It helps to significantly improve daily trading.
  • There is an opportunity to invest in eco-projects.
  • Crypto trading allows you to get rich on volatile financial instruments.

The exchange intermediary guarantees the best order execution speed. It provides its clients with the advantage of high liquidity by promising to provide the best prices in the industry. The official website of the project in every possible way attracts customers to register. He describes favorable conditions for cooperation, but this statement needs to be verified.

CapTrader broker trading platform

How to register a real and demo account?

To start productive trading, you must pass authorization. The CapTrader company offers to open an account in just a few steps. To begin with, the user should indicate their gender. After that, he must enter the first and last name, email and mobile phone. They should acknowledge the risk warning and accept the terms of the privacy policy. The market player is warned that the correspondence will go through his e-mail. After that, the trader can choose a demo or real account. He will select a tariff in accordance with personal wishes.

CapTrader official website

What are CapTrader customers saying? Review of comments

Market players accuse the broker of a twisted terminal and useless technical support. The trading system resembles a casino in which it is impossible to win. The brokerage terminal was created to drain client capital.

Bad reviews about CapTrader broker

Negative comments speak of fraudulent activity by CapTrader. Reviews advise to refuse cooperation with the brand. The office is a standard Forex kitchen. The trader was not allowed to withdraw money, explaining this by entering from several devices. Ultimately, his account was suspended.

CapTrader scam feedback

The broker disappoints its users. It sets inflated commissions, while completely different information is published on the official website. The terminal does not allow profitable transactions. It constantly freezes, there are requotes. The market player loses large sums.

Review of scam for money CapTrader

Practicing traders note deceptive CapTrader quotes. Fraudsters do not bring transactions to the interbank market. The brokerage system in many ways resembles a financial pyramid. To withdraw funds, the client has to bring referrals.

Neutral feedback about CapTrader

What gives the CapTrader scam?

First of all, you should pay attention to the template site. It contains many high-profile statements, but there is no detailed description of the trading conditions. It seems that the representatives of the project are trying to lure novice investors who do not understand the essence of market trading. The office does not provide legal documents and is not regulated by anyone. She has a bad reputation online. Many traders accuse the company of criminal fraud.

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