How does Tickmill cheat? Divorce plan!

How does Tickmill cheat? Divorce plan!

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Tickmill Broker Review

When choosing a broker for long-term cooperation, a market player may stumble upon a Tickmill scammer. He pretends to be a bona fide company that provides brokerage services and brings transactions to the interbank market. In fact, the office does not carry out trading operations, fooling the heads of gullible investors. It takes away all the invested capital, stimulating the trader for a new replenishment. Familiarization with the fraudulent scheme will help the reader avoid gross mistakes when choosing a company.

What is Tickmill trying to attract?

The exchange intermediary talks about its global presence in international markets. It promises to provide premium products and services. The trader is guaranteed absolute transparency and new technologies. With the help of innovative systems, the office allegedly provides high data transfer speeds and clear quotes. In fact, the trader receives fake prices, which change depending on the mood of the pseudo-broker.

The company talks about several advantages that can attract a potential client:

  1. The best trading conditions are provided. The trader gets access to 180 instruments with spreads from 0 pip. It will trade with the lowest commissions on the market.
  2. The fastest execution of orders. It takes only 0.20 seconds to bring a client’s order to the world market. Requotes are completely absent.
  3. The company allows you to use any strategy. A market player can use hedging and scalping. Numerous advisers are available to him.
  4. Absolute security of client funds. Deposits are kept in reliable banks in segregated accounts. They are separated from the company’s money, which ensures the intended use.
  5. Innovative technologies allow you to quickly analyze the markets and make profitable deals. Trading platforms are characterized by wide functionality that allows you to satisfy any client requests.
  6. The exchange intermediary provides specialized support. Experts provide answers to popular questions and help to understand the problems that have arisen.

Tickmill describes itself as a well-known brand that is authorized and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. The firm talks about its leadership, long track record and high financial results. She talks about her mission, which is to provide an exceptional trading environment for beginners and professional traders. The audit showed that all these high-profile statements are fiction. The office hides behind trading activities, while in fact it steals other people’s funds.

Tickmill company website

How is the market trading?

Tickmill has developed several tariff plans for potential customers:

  • The classic account is suitable for beginners and experienced traders. It provides optimal conditions, fast execution of transactions. The trader gets at his disposal currency pairs, stocks, stock indices, oil products, precious metals and bonds. Spreads are variable, from 1.6 points. The initial deposit is 100 US dollars, leverage up to 1:30.
  • A professional account allows you to trade with zero spreads and low commissions. Deductions are only $2 per lot. This option is suitable for experienced traders who need the best conditions. It allows you to save on spreads, concluding the most profitable deals.
  • VIP is a competitive account for professional traders looking for the best prices. Spreads are 0 pips and commissions are only $1 per lot. To get the best conditions, the trader must replenish the capital by 50 thousand dollars. All transactions are executed according to the NDD model.

The company guarantees a quick withdrawal of orders to the interbank platform. If a person classifies himself as a professional trader, he can work on unique terms. He must make at least 10 transactions per quarter throughout the year. Such clients can count on higher leverage and personal support from a professional manager.

Tickmill Broker Metatrader 5

Tools for company clients

Tickmill provides access to educational materials that help you reach a new professional level. A trader can receive video tutorials and get acquainted with the basic information about the global market. The exchange intermediary website provides a glossary to help define key terms. The Forex calculator allows you to quickly calculate the potential profit and associated risks. The market player will use the signals to be alerted to potentially profitable entry points. Brand specialists have developed an educational center that all registered customers can visit.

Why Choose Tickmill Broker

What platforms does Tickmill offer? Program overview

The exchange player gets at his disposal the popular Metatrader 4 and 5 systems. These programs have numerous analytical tools that allow you to carefully study global markets. A trader can use advisors to automate his daily activities. It is provided with numerous graphs and diagrams. With the help of graphical tools, you can quickly assess the current situation.

The brokerage company has developed its own application for mobile phones. This system allows you to stay up to date with the latest news and make deals from anywhere in the world. The market player is promised a user-friendly interface and a high speed of information transfer, but the office does not describe the functionality of its terminal. It publishes only general information about the program, without delving into the nuances of its use.

Trading with broker Tickmill

Comments of deceived traders

Among the advantages, clients note a low spread, but in the evening its value increases significantly. A market player talks about how he funded his account through cryptocurrency, but over time, problems began. The project staff have been solving the issue of a refund for more than two weeks. They use the standard divorce scheme, refusing withdrawal in a variety of ways.

Tickmill Broker Reviews

Market players talk about the numerous flaws in the Tickmill project. Reviews point to an unscrupulous broker who refuses to pay earnings. After receiving bonus funds, a person received a small profit and tried to withdraw it. Representatives of the SCAM project are trying to persuade his new addition, promising to withdraw.

Negative feedback about Tickmill

This scam successfully creates the illusion of market trading. In the beginning, cooperation goes perfectly well. Execution is good, spreads are quite tight. Difficulties arise after doubling the initial capital. The office reduces the leverage and disables the trading system. In the end, the scammer blocks the wallet and takes all the money.

Bad review about Tickmill

Why not work with Tickmill?

Practicing traders have repeatedly reported the criminal fraud of this project. They complain about widening spreads, refusal of payments and blocking of accounts. The market player cannot resist Tickmill’s criminal activities. Fraudsters claim to be regulated, but in fact they are not controlled by anyone. Most likely, it will not be possible to restore justice in a judicial proceeding.

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