Bridgetrader scam: how does a pseudo broker work?

Bridgetrader scam: how does a pseudo broker work?

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Bridgetrader broker review

Exchange intermediary Bridgetrader offers to increase potential profits and unleash your trading potential with the help of powerful and comfortable tools. Its trading platform allegedly satisfies the growing demands of market players, and therefore provides quick earnings on global exchanges. The company is trying to attract novice and experienced investors, making loud statements that are not at all true. In this review, we will look at how a SCAM project works and what distinguishes it from a bona fide broker.

Characteristics of the brokerage project

The official website of Bridgetrader provides statistics that indicate the fake merits of the project. The pseudo-broker talks about 10 awards received, 7 million closed orders and a huge number of positive reviews. At the same time, the company does not say anything about the foundation of the brand and its creators. She hides important information, which is a very bad signal. The audit showed that the project was launched only in 2022. He is relatively young and with a high probability is another SCAM.

A cursory examination of the website makes it clear that the company does not fall under the action of the regulatory body. This fact is the main “red flag” that distinguishes scammers. The official site does not have high-quality content or design. Like many swindlers, our today’s hero did not want to spend money on professional programmers, creating a template and completely banal resource.

Benefits of the Bridgetrader Broker

What trading conditions does the broker offer?

The company is trying to attract new investors, and therefore talks about the wide functionality of its platform. Bridgetrader offers to trade several groups of financial instruments, including currency pairs, cryptographic coins and CFD contracts. The Company does not provide quotes, contract specifications or liquidity providers. She only talks about “profitable offers” for traders, which in fact turn out to be empty words.

The Bridgetrader intermediary offers to trade on the following terms:

  • The client can activate one of 5 accounts. The higher the initial deposit, the wider the functionality of the account.
  • The minimum deposit on a basic account starts at $5,000. This is a fairly high entry threshold, which is not suitable for most beginners.
  • Leverage reaches a ratio of 1:1000. Naturally, no legal broker can provide such high leverage. Huge leverage indicates illegal brokerage activity.
  • A registered client can take advantage of trading signals and daily reviews. He allegedly receives analytical materials from the company’s specialists.
  • There is a bonus on the initial deposit, but this is another fraudulent trick. As practice shows, the company will not allow you to withdraw money before working out a large trading volume.

There is no specific information on the company’s website. The broker does not provide spreads and commissions. It does not describe the names of the available payment systems, providing only small icons with logos. The extremely poor description of the trading conditions points to the fraud of the Bridgetrader office. To check the honesty of the project, you should pay attention to expert reviews and comments of honest traders.

What customers say about Bridgetrader

Can you make money with Bridgetrader?

At the moment, the official website of the brokerage project is blocked, and therefore, for analysis, you have to take information from third-party sources. Numerous reviews and reviews clearly point to the criminal fraud of Bridgetrader. The swindler is trying to lure out the last funds, referring to the payment of commissions and all kinds of fees. As a result of cooperation, he blocks client accounts, taking away all the money invested.

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