Will it be possible to become a trader with Capital.com?

Will it be possible to become a trader with Capital.com?

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Capital.com broker review

Capital.com talks about professional development for experienced traders and beginners. It offers profitable trades using oil, gold, stocks and other financial assets. The exchange player gets access to 6,100 world-famous markets. He is promised complete freedom of action, but what does the investor actually expect? In today’s article, we will check how the project functions and whether it is worth investing money. Having studied the company, the trader will protect himself from the influence of scammers.

What does Capital.com offer?

The exchange intermediary allows you to make transactions in one click. The trader gets a huge amount of assets at his disposal, thanks to which he can increase the starting capital. Among the commercial offers of the brand:

  1. Zero commissions and tight spreads, allowing you to enrich yourself in global markets. The trader will pay small costs, which will significantly increase the efficiency of trading.
  2. Leverage up to a ratio of 1:30. A trader can significantly increase the starting capital and carry out transactions for large amounts.
  3. The company adheres to high standards of privacy and security. She takes care of the safety of client funds, carries out the withdrawal immediately after submitting the corresponding request.
  4. A wide range of educational materials, online courses and business guides. Beginners receive tutorials and informative articles to familiarize themselves with the global market.
  5. All the latest economic news is delivered to the platform. The exchange player will get acquainted with global events from the world of finance. Thus, he will be able to predict changes in rates, earning on making correct forecasts.
  6. The exchange intermediary offers to use several trading platforms. It allows you to withdraw transactions through a web terminal, the desktop version of Metatrader 4 or a mobile platform. Each of these systems has wide functionality and allows you to carry out a profitable sale and purchase.

Website Capital.com

Capital.com claims to be regulated by the competent authorities and has all the necessary licenses. The exchange intermediary is certified by FCA, ASIC and other organizations. You can check the legal documents on the official website capital.com. To protect yourself from scammers, you need to pay special attention to the regulation. As practice shows, only regulated companies make real trading deals, while all other offices create the illusion of market trading.

Platforms for trading broker Capital.com

Mobile Broker Platform

The terminal allows you to carry out any trading operations with CFD contracts. Capital.com calls its development the best platform for investors and traders. According to the intermediary, the development was awarded many awards. It currently has over 500,000 registered customers. The terminal has an intuitive interface and provides for a quick registration process. It is convenient for beginners, because it does not provide special knowledge about global markets.

Among the features of the Capital.com system are:

  • Free access to 6,100 markets. The client gets the opportunity to trade on the world’s largest exchanges. It can trade at competitive spreads using high-tech systems with high order processing speeds. The company does not charge additional commissions or hidden fees. She claims to be completely honest with her client.
  • In-depth financial analysis. The exchange intermediary uses the best analytical tools, technical indicators and advanced charts. All this allows you to study the world market in detail and draw a conclusion about the potential direction of courses. The client can use modern drawing tools. It will easily identify potential risks and earning opportunities.
  • Price Alerts. After important market events, quotes can change dramatically. Tracking these changes, the stock player will make good money. With timely alerts, a trader can make the most of price movements.
  • Intelligent risk management. The client receives a full set of effective tools to reduce potential losses. He has the opportunity to remain flexible, to hedge open positions. Risk control is also carried out using stop orders. Thanks to these tools, the trader will protect capital from major losses.

The exchange intermediary guarantees protection against negative balance. He talks about the absolute safety of investments, but this statement needs to be verified. Before starting full-fledged cooperation, the investor must determine the integrity of the project by looking at analytical reviews and reliable reviews. After the analysis, he will be able to identify an honest broker and begin full-fledged cooperation with him.

Broker site Capital.com

Should I register with Capital.com?

There are many complaints on the web about the exchange intermediary Capital.com. The company cancels profitable transactions, explaining this by the wrong selection of instruments. Technical support does not try to understand the problem. Consultants do not respond to client complaints in any way. Many market players refer to Capital.com as a standard no-deposit kitchen. We do not recommend cooperation with the brand due to an extremely bad reputation.

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