Broker PU Prime: how does a scammer operate?

Broker PU Prime: how does a scammer operate?

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PU Prime broker review

The fraudulent company PU Prime offers to invite friends and share the joy. She describes a profitable affiliate program, thanks to which you can make good money. The exchange intermediary promises easy and profitable trading through a regular smartphone. On his web portal, he describes great prospects for cooperation, but is it worth believing empty statements? Today we will analyze the brokerage project and evaluate the real quality of its services. Looking at client reviews, the investor will be able to make an informed decision on replenishing the deposit.

Information about the brokerage company

The exchange intermediary promises to provide ample opportunities for earning in global markets. According to employees, the company has been operating since 2015. It positions itself as a leading online broker offering efficient market trading. The assortment of the brokerage company includes more than 200 investment products, innovative technologies for productive trading activities. At the disposal of the trader are currency pairs, stock indices, commodities, stocks, cryptographic coins and other assets.

PU Prime scam broker website

The company talks about constant development, the desire to provide the best services on global exchanges. She claims that since its foundation, the number of official representations has increased 10 times. At the moment, she allegedly has more than 19 offices in different parts of the world. It provides its customers with support in 18 languages, and therefore a resident of any country can cooperate with the brand.

Pseudo Broker PU Prime

The exchange intermediary claims to conduct 12 billion transactions daily. It serves 120 countries around the world, guaranteeing the provision of quality trading services. At the moment, more than 200 thousand accounts are registered in the system. The company employs 200 support specialists, all of whom have specific market knowledge. Consultants provide 24/7 assistance, answering any questions by phone or via online chat. The official website of PU Prime talks about the numerous advantages of the project, but the investor should not believe empty words. Before depositing funds, it is recommended to study the reputation of the office.

PU Prime Broker Affiliate Program

What conditions are offered to traders?

The company has developed several tariff plans for clients of different professional levels. Among the PU Prime accounts are:

  • Standard – the tariff is cast with competitive prices, a low minimum deposit and a high level of liquidity. This account meets the needs of most market players. The minimum deposit is $50, the spread level starts from 1.3 pips. Leverage up to a ratio of 1:500.
  • The main one is designed for high-frequency traders. This account provides ultra-fast order execution, instant deposits and withdrawals. The client gains access to unprecedented market depth. Starting from $1,000 deposit, spreads start from 0 pips.
  • Islamic – an account for people of the Muslim faith. It does not provide for a fee for transferring positions to the next day. The tariff plan may also be of interest to wealthy investors trading long-term positions. The entry threshold is only $50, spreads from 0 pips, commissions up to $3.5 one way.
  • Cent – a tariff for beginners who are not ready to risk large sums. It allows you to test new techniques in a relatively safe manner. Thus, the trader will prepare for professional trading, finalize his working strategy. To activate, you need to deposit 20 US dollars.

Regardless of the chosen tariff plan, the client receives a whole range of indicators and advisors. Negative balance protection is provided, trading signals are delivered to the working platform. The exchange player can use market analytics, daily news updates and the economic calendar. All these tools will help to make a qualitative analysis of world markets. Before joining the company, it is recommended to check its integrity, read customer reviews.

Stephen Mathews PU Prime

Earning prospects with the PU Prime project

On the network you can find a lot of negative reviews. The company is often accused of fraud, criminal fraud against its customers. Fraudsters do not allow the withdrawal of invested capital, impose restrictions on transactions. Despite the young age of the project, many participants in the global market have already suffered from its actions. We recommend that you refuse to cooperate with such scammers.

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Andrew linda

It’s all a scam , I invested 33,750 US dollars with scam broker FXG trade and never got my money back and they kept asking for more which I couldn’t meet up with their demands, so they never got back to me anymore and i was so desperately in need of help to recover all the money back to me, fortunately I came across a colleague that introduced me to a binary options trade funds recovery expert who goes by the name Mr Loso Empire when i met them i did not believe that they could get my money because i have been scammed a lot already and didn’t know what to do, but my spirit told me to give it a try and i did.

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