Ideal trading strategy: reality or myth?

Ideal trading strategy: reality or myth?

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Ideal trading strategy

The question “Is there an ideal trading strategy?” all traders were asked at least once. This is logical, because every person who decides to make money through transactions in the financial markets will invariably try to find a methodology that guarantees him success.

It is necessary to immediately clearly indicate: there are people who consistently earn money by trading, but there is no single way for everyone to succeed in this area. The ideal Forex strategy will be different for everyone. It is determined by the preferences and ambitions of the market player, his patience and ability to soberly assess the situation, as well as many other factors.

What makes up the perfect trading strategy

In general, a trading strategy is a complete list of conditions under which a transaction can be concluded. This is a kind of guide aimed at making a profit from trading. It is desirable that a number of points be spelled out in as much detail as possible:

  • assessment of promising points for starting trading and market analysis (both fundamental and technical);
  • entering, holding and exiting a position;
  • risk assessment and management (even the most ideal trading strategy cannot guarantee a 100% positive result in each transaction);
  • analysis of wrong actions.

In addition, all traders need to choose a trading strategy that will suit their personal characteristics and level of self-discipline. So, each person analyzes the market situation in his own way and evaluates it, and also makes forecasts in his own way, based on his own knowledge and experience. In addition, each trader has individual inclinations to retain income and cut financial losses.

A fully prepared trading strategy resembles a strictly defined order of steps that can be used both manually and automatically. And since each person is individual, the best trading strategy is the one that he created and adjusted for himself, perhaps taking as a basis a certain approach that has repeatedly proven high efficiency.

Trading strategy

Changing market strategies over time

In today’s conditions, each person can find ready-made trading strategies on the Web and adapt them to their own needs. There is also no shortage of specialists who are ready to share the secrets of successful trading for a certain fee, and sometimes quite a lot. Many people actually agree to pay for such information in an effort to make a good profit, but in the end they find that the strategy used does not bring the desired result. And this does not mean at all that they became a victim of deceivers.

The fact is that market conditions are very dynamic and change dramatically over the years. In this regard, even the most profitable Forex strategy, relevant several years ago, in the current conditions may no longer bring a similar return. There are approaches that can guarantee profit only in the presence of a number of market conditions. So, using a strong and pronounced trend is a very simple trading strategy that almost anyone can successfully use.

It is important for every trader to understand that there are no continuously profitable strategies. At the same time, it should be taken into account that market development as a whole takes place in a spiral and at certain moments the conditions necessary for the successful operation of a particular market strategy may return.

The general principle for all traders is this: you cannot rely on one specific strategy all the time. It is necessary to analyze the market situation frequently and look for new approaches. You should not try to fit market rules to a certain clear pattern and stop there. On the contrary, a trader should change with the market.

Trading Basics

The basics of choosing a trading strategy for beginners

When choosing a model for investment, inexperienced traders need to start from personal preferences. In particular, you should not opt ??for strategies that are difficult to learn due to the abundance of formulas, indicators and terms.

Trading strategies for beginners should be clear and simple. The best option is a scheme that does not require continuous learning and long-term interaction with the trading terminal. At first, it is better to devote a little time to investing, striving for meaningfulness and a good study of each step.

Trading will become much easier if you first familiarize yourself with the basic recommendations about choosing assets and setting commands to automatically close the transaction. A detailed procedure will give the trader the opportunity to understand the features of the charts and the formation of a trend.

In addition, beginners should not use strategies for which high profitability is declared. Significant profitability always coexists with high risks. Without experience, it is very difficult to properly manage funds and the chance of incurring losses when trading on highly profitable strategies is very high.

Among novice traders, strategies for intraday trading perform well, involving the opening and closing of all transactions within one session, without transferring to the next day. Many traders who have achieved success in intraday trading and use effective strategies for it, have been studying the risks associated with the over-the-counter financial market for many years.

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