Should I buy stocks with XTB?

Should I buy stocks with XTB?

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XTB broker review

XTB Company offers to conduct effective trades without paying commissions. It allows you to buy shares of Amazon, Tesla, Netflix and other popular corporations. The firm showcases numerous awards for quality service delivery. It introduces novice players to digital currencies and the most popular financial instruments of the modern market. This raises the question of how the project actually works. There are many scams in the global markets and an experienced trader should be careful in choosing a broker.

Advantages on the official website

Like every broker, our today’s hero seeks to attract as many wealthy investors as possible to his site. He describes many years of experience in market trading, the use of promising technologies to make money on price differences. The official website of XTB points to the world leadership in the field of Forex and CFD contracts. The company provides instant access to hundreds of markets, provides the client with everything necessary for effective trading activities.

The exchange intermediary claims that it is constantly working on optimizing and improving its trading platform. It is allegedly controlled by the largest regulators, has the right to provide brokerage services around the world. Among its advantages, XTB highlights:

XTB scam official broker

  • Safety. The company has 15 years of experience in global markets. It has earned the trust of 500,000 active customers and is regulated in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Support. The customer service provides advice 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Experts always answer the questions. The manager connects to the account, helping the client make important investment decisions. He draws up unique strategies, provides fresh analytical materials.
  • Technology. Technical equipment is one of the most important elements of the financial world. The company improves its development and sets new trends. It aims to improve the work terminal by making it one of the most reliable and functional applications in the global market.
  • Education. The beginner receives a whole range of training materials. The brokerage web portal contains tutorials for beginners or advanced traders. Educational articles, e-books, news reports and daily analysis are available to the client.

The exchange player is offered to trade on an innovative advanced platform, which can be downloaded from Reviews of past customers will help to evaluate the real quality of performance and functionality of this system. The company claims that the software development provides for a convenient layout of instruments, instant withdrawal of orders, a trading calculator and a calendar. A system participant can make transactions directly from the chart using technical analysis.

Benefits of servicing an XTB broker

Professional customer service

If a participant in the global market has rich experience and large capital, he can reach a new level of interaction with a broker. The company provides a wide range of services for professional traders. The trader receives a high leverage ratio of 1:200. It can carry out any trades in CFDs, currencies, indices, commodities, stocks and crypto coins. More than 5,400 investment products are at the disposal of a market player.

The company relieves its client of the obligation to make additional payments. It guarantees fast order execution, online trading training. To qualify for professional status, an investor must make at least 10 transactions per quarter. The total amount of money transfers is at least 35 thousand euros. A market player’s portfolio must include financial instruments in the amount of at least EUR 500,000. In addition, the contributor may hold a professional position in the financial sector with at least a year of experience. If a person meets all the above criteria, then trading will become even more profitable for him.

Opening an account with XTB broker

What does XTB really do?

Many market players talk about the systematic draining of the deposit. At first, the trading platform allowed you to earn money, but over time, the system began to freeze badly. Orders were not brought to the market, and clients received large losses due to the fault of XTB. Reviews speak of an offshore kitchen that is not regulated by anyone. Swindlers turn out fraudulent schemes with client money, without providing any opportunity to return their finances. We recommend avoiding a dubious project.

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