How promising is the UNITED TRADERS investment project?

How promising is the UNITED TRADERS investment project?

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Professional overview UNITED TRADERS

Brokerage company UNITED TRADERS talks about investments that are always one step ahead. When connected to the system, a market player can choose a suitable investment idea and make money on it. The minimum deposit is only $10, which allows beginners and conservative traders to start. The client will easily build a stock portfolio and track the current price movement. According to UNITED TRADERS, the annual yield is from 20 to 80%. Thus, the investor can quickly increase the initial capital without having special knowledge of the market. The company promises to provide ready-made solutions for making money on global exchanges, but what does the investor actually get? Today we will check how the project functions, whether it is worth believing in it.

Commercial offers UNITED TRADERS

The broker provides an opportunity to assemble an investment portfolio from the most sought-after financial assets. The company’s specialists select ready-made ideas that will bring a stable income. They offer two investment options:

  1. IPO – the opportunity to buy a share immediately after the first public offering. Securities are just beginning to be traded on the stock exchange, demand is increasing, and with it the value of the investment asset. Professional stock players can make good money on these securities. Specialists offer to buy financial assets during the initial placement and sell them after 3 months. The expected return is up to 75%.
  2. PRE-IPO – trading on the over-the-counter market. They involve the purchase of shares that are not yet traded on global exchanges. Soon they should become public, and therefore will bring good income. To make money on such corporations, you should wait a few years. At the same time, the expected return is about 140%.

The exchange intermediary offers its investors to read some useful books about finance. The official site publishes information about popular tutorials that can be downloaded for free. Brand specialists answer any questions via phone, online chat or email. They provide valuable clues and help you understand market movements. Before depositing large amounts, the investor must determine what the project actually does. He should read reviews on independent portals. This is the only way the investor can avoid scammers and choose the best broker for making money in global markets.

UNITED TRADERS financial project website

Trading on a brokerage platform

The company provides direct access to the share exchange. Market trading is conducted on the proprietary Aurora platform. The exchange intermediary has been withdrawing orders since 2013, and therefore has rich professional experience. It allows the client to open an account, gaining the potential for earning. UNITED TRADERS offers to trade on the following terms:

Trading conditions UNITED TRADERS

  • The output of transactions to the largest markets of our time is ensured. The investor gets access to the trading floors of NYSE, NASDAQ and others.
  • Access to 10,000 investment ideas is opened. The investor can choose the appropriate level of risk and profit, use ready-made solutions from specialists.
  • The mediator is constantly expanding the range of services offered. It focuses on customers and strives to meet their growing needs.
  • Financial assets are highly volatile. You can earn up to 50% profit per day on them.

UNITED TRADERS Affiliate Program

The exchange intermediary has developed several options for cooperation. Beginners are invited to trade with a commission of $0.02 per share. The leverage is 1:10 and the platform is completely free. The minimum deposit is $300. The larger the initial replenishment, the wider the functionality of the market player. For advanced participants, there are tariffs “Daytrader” and “Investor”. A risk control system is provided to reduce potential losses. This program allows you to reduce the level of losses and make market trading more profitable. The UNITED TRADERS company describes very attractive conditions, but before starting cooperation, it is necessary to check its integrity.


Reviews about the brokerage project

The reputation of the brokerage company can be called ambiguous. Some participants point to the low quality of the services provided. They are dissatisfied with the premature closing of transactions, constant system freezes. Traders believe that there are many companies on the global market with the best conditions for cooperation. Investors talk about long-term blocking of funds. They are allegedly offered investments with a loss of 20% of the invested funds.

Negative feedback about the UNITED TRADERS project

The company is often discussed on specialized portals. There are also positive reviews about it, which allow us to conclude that it has been a long and very successful auction. The working system has gone through many updates and improvements, now it allows you to quickly buy and sell IPOs. Support provides professional and fast help, consultants are friendly.

Review of UNITED TRADERS broker

Most of the reviews are negative. Depositors claim to have a terminal that is practically non-functional. They accuse the company of fraud, pointing out the inability to close positions. When trying to sell an investment asset, the system generates an error. Technical support does not try to solve this problem by blaming clearing.

Feedback on the investment project UNITED TRADERS

UNITED TRADERS – invest or refuse?

Experienced market players do not recommend contacting UNITED TRADERS. This is a dubious brokerage company, which is often written about in negative comments. Clients are dissatisfied with the low quality of services, the hanging working platform. They cannot get real earnings due to technical problems. It seems that the project is aimed at gullible beginners. Its creators focus on quick and easy earnings, but in the end they drain the start-up capital. Such scams are quite common, so a market player should carefully choose a bona fide broker.

date of creation year 2013
Minimum deposit 300 dollars
Tariffs Beginner, Day Trader, Investor
Commission From $0.02 per share
Leverage Up to 1:20 ratio
Platform Aurora


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