Broker FXFlat Bank: will it be possible to make money?

Broker FXFlat Bank: will it be possible to make money?

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FXFlat Bank broker review

FXFlat Bank calls itself a reliable trading partner. The company has been operating in global markets since 1997, and therefore is considered an experienced representative of the industry. She started her career with a consulting and management firm, but over time she began to provide brokerage services to traders from different countries. At the moment, the broker offers a wide range of working platforms, which provides unhindered access to global markets. In today’s review, we will check client reviews and available information about the broker. The reader will understand whether it is possible to trust this company by investing free funds.

Characteristics of the exchange intermediary

FXFlat Bank describes profitable trades on developed and functional platforms. It describes itself as a leading service provider headquartered in Germany. The company offers reliability that meets high standards. Initially, it worked as a CFD broker, but over time it has expanded its range of commodities, also providing futures, stocks, bonds, currencies and funds. At the moment, a registered client can trade on 135 exchanges around the world. He gets free access to numerous markets, gaining absolute freedom.

Characteristics of the broker FXFlat Bank

The company allows you to trade with zero commissions. She has developed favorable trading conditions that are suitable for beginners and professionals. The brokerage website talks about the project leaders. Such openness immediately attracts attention, because most scammers hide information about their founders. However, before the start of productive trading, it is necessary to analyze the project. Analysis of customer reviews will help protect capital from the encroachment of scammers.

Trading accounts broker FXFlat Bank

Comparison of working platforms of FXFlat Bank

The exchange intermediary has developed several special programs for bringing client orders to the world market. Each of the presented terminals has its own functional features, advantages and disadvantages. An overview of available platforms will help you choose your best option. Among the developments of FXFlat Bank are:

  • TRADER WORKSTATION is a special trading platform developed by experts. Trade with any market products is carried out. The client receives at his disposal 135 financial assets, more than 100 orders and trading algorithms. Market access is provided in real time. A trader can use the latest news reports, fundamental and market data.
  • METATRADER 5 – provides for trading in futures contracts, currencies and CFDs. All transactions are made from a single account. Available for short-term or long-term transactions. The client receives an unlimited number of charts and 21 time intervals. Technical analysis is carried out using 80 indicator programs, an economic calendar, financial news are provided.
  • METATRADER 4 is the most popular platform in the world. It provides the investor with the most detailed reports and effective analysis tools. This opens the possibility to import or export price data. The exchange player gains access to historical quotes, he can test new strategies in an absolutely safe mode.
  • STEREOTRADER – provides fast one-click trading. The investor gets a volume profile, limited pullback and other smart orders at his disposal. It provides for the use of 4 trading modes, isolated strategies.
  • METATRADER PLUS – it becomes possible to trade on real accounts using a whole package of indicators and advisors. Transactions are carried out as easily as possible, in one click. The mini-terminal provides easy access to global markets. There is a calculator to determine the optimal size of transactions and margin. Smart order lines with partial closing, multiple or temporary stop.
  • AGENATRADER MERCURY – the platform provides access to 150 indicator programs, full automation of trading. To execute an order, you can drag and drop links, which greatly simplifies professional activities. A high-performance scanner is presented for real-time transactions.

Broker site FXFlat Bank

The company offers to make independent transactions or transfer capital under the management of a specialist. The investor will receive a detailed report on ongoing operations and will be able to significantly simplify his daily work. He will not have to analyze world markets and make difficult decisions, because specialists will do this. Replenishment of the deposit and withdrawal of funds is carried out by means of a bank transfer. This method is considered the safest, but it takes several business days.

Prospects for trading with the broker FXFlat Bank

Earning prospects with the company

On the net you can find different reviews about the professional activities of FXFlat Bank. The exchange intermediary is accused of fraud against the clients. Affected investors do not recommend cooperating with a company that deceives market players. They faced terrible spreads, huge slippage, early exits. There are often hairpins and requotes in the terminal, which does not allow you to earn on global markets. The vast majority of reviews are negative. We recommend not investing in a dubious project.

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