About FXCM broker: tools and trading conditions

About FXCM broker: tools and trading conditions

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FXCM broker review

FXCM claims that the client plays a central role in building its business. The exchange player is offered to trade on currency pairs, CFD contracts, stocks and other financial assets. An investor can open a real or demo account by testing new strategies. The intermediary positions itself as a leading service provider for online trading. He is part of a diversified holding company, but is the tale of high quality service worth believing? Today we will check the company and find out how it really works.

Characteristics of the exchange intermediary

On the official website of FXCM, you can read about the culture, which is defined by three core values:

  1. The client comes first. Brand employees do everything to satisfy customer requests. They take into account the needs of an individual market player, paying special attention to details.
  2. Honesty. The exchange intermediary does what is right in relation to the partner, investor, employee and other interested parties.
  3. Agility. Employees are flexible. They are able to change their approach depending on existing industry trends. Brand managers have gained unique experience, thanks to which they can provide professional assistance to their customers.

The company describes respect for its employees and customers. It has developed services for different groups of market players. Analytical and educational materials can be found at www.fxcm.com. Feedback from real users will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the brand. If a company is often accused of fraud, then you should refuse to cooperate with it.

Trader 4 from FXCM broker

How is the market trading with FXCM?

The broker provides exclusive trading tools, signals, data on volumes, trading sentiment and other important indicators. She publishes fresh investment ideas that can be put into practice. Beginners receive ready-made guides to trading on world markets. The exchange player will learn the basics of trading along with professional representatives of the industry.

The popular Metatrader 4 terminal is provided as a trading system. In addition to the desktop version, there is a mobile application that allows you to conclude transactions regardless of your actual location. The platform does not provide for restrictions, allowing scalping and hedging. It provides the market player with advisors that automate daily trading activities. Among the special features of MT4 from FXCM are:

FXCM Broker Site Review

  • Setting stop orders that fix the result. Stop loss and take profit allow you to exit the market in a timely manner. They will provide additional protection for client capital.
  • Trade size from 0.01 lot. By making small transactions, the exchange player will reduce the existing risks. He can diversify his invested capital by purchasing several financial assets.
  • Partial closing of positions is a very useful feature that allows you to clearly control the balance.
  • Automatic copying of trades of successful traders. The client can sort signals by trading results. He will receive the best recommendations for buying or selling an investment asset.

According to the brand, trading on www.fxcm.com is profitable and safe. Employees persuade the investor to contribute start-up capital, talking about the many advantages of their system. At the same time, a market player must carefully approach the choice of a broker. If a company operates without licenses and certificates, then it cannot be considered bona fide.

FXCM Broker Reviews

Is it worth partnering with FXCM?

The exchange intermediary has 20 years of experience in market trading. During this time, he managed to gain a certain reputation among practicing traders. The company is often discussed on specialized resources, comments are of a different nature. Some market players are talking about the poor quality of service at FXCM. Reviews point to high spreads, slippage. Traders call the company a standard Forex kitchen.

Among the positive aspects, a good terminal is noted, which is customized to the unique needs of each client. It is possible to use advisors and test ready-made strategies. The company does not provide cent accounts, and therefore beginners should think carefully before making an investment. The broker has a mixed reputation online. We cannot recommend it due to the many angry comments.

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