Scam ASO Partners: why not invest?

Scam ASO Partners: why not invest?

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ASO Partners broker review

ASO Partnersis – another pseudo-brokerage project that is trying to master the global markets. He was registered in Cyprus and calls himself an international broker. Naturally, the office has nothing to do with trading and is not able to provide special services. She is engaged in the most ordinary deception, luring gullible market players into her networks. In today’s review, we will tell you how the project functions and what contributors say about it. The reader will understand the true essence of the fraudulent office.

Analysis of the ASO Partners intermediary

The company indicates that it has been conducting brokerage activities since 2017. She allegedly has three licenses, and therefore can provide services in a variety of countries. The exchange intermediary works through the primitive website It is filled with trite phrases about the best service in the world, quality tutorials, a wide choice of markets. According to the plan, all this should attract novice investors who do not understand exchange trading. The fraudulent project is completely focused on beginners, because experienced investors will quickly understand the deception and refuse to cooperate.

The exchange intermediary offers to trade a wide range of products. The official website talks about 150 investment assets with a high level of liquidity. Among them are popular currency pairs and digital coins. The trader gains access to popular stocks and a whole list of stock indices. Precious metals and commodities are at his disposal.

The company claims to have over 300,000 trading accounts opened on its website. Approximately 700,000 purchase and sale transactions are carried out daily on the working platforms. The daily trading volume exceeds 60 million US dollars. These figures look impressive, but there is no confirmation on the official website. The office does not publish licenses or certificates confirming a high professional level. She publishes only unsubstantiated statements.

Types of ASO Partners Broker Accounts

How is the market trading?

The company colorfully describes its competitive advantages. Among the advantages mentioned are loyal trading conditions, round-the-clock access to a working terminal, high-quality technical support service. To replenish the initial deposit or withdraw funds, plastic cards or payment services can be used. Among other things, bitcoin wallets are available.

There is no demonstrative account on the official website. ASO Partners invites you to open one of the real accounts:

  • Micro – tariff plan for beginners who are not ready to invest large sums. It starts from a deposit of 1,000 US dollars. The execution of transactions is instantaneous, leverage up to a ratio of 1:20.
  • Standard – to start, you need to deposit 25 thousand dollars. The leverage increases to 1:100. The trader receives precious metals and digital currencies at his disposal. The player can invest in PAMM accounts.
  • Premium – Provides access to $50,000 high leverage. Leverage increases to a ratio of 1:500. The investor can use the services of a personal manager, insure the deposit and open his own PAMM account.

The company publishes very little information about the presented trading terminal. The web portal indicates that the trader will work on a unique platform. Representatives of the brand claim that their development has wide functionality and is perfect for professional traders. The office notes the presence of built-in tools, the absence of requotes and slippages. However, her reputation leaves much to be desired. Real world market participants do not recommend cooperating with the company.

Benefits of ASO Partners Broker

Why should you stop investing?

Experienced participants in the global market point out illegal clauses in the client agreement. They indicate that the firm is a standard scam and does not provide brokerage services. Some market players manage to return the invested funds, but this is a difficult and lengthy process.

Angry reviews about ASO Partners

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