Broker Alvexo: is it worth to cooperate?

Broker Alvexo: is it worth to cooperate?

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Alvexo Broker review

Alvexo offers a complete A to Z trading experience. It allows you to invest in a wide range of financial assets using CFD contracts. A stock player has more than 450 investment products at his disposal, including currencies, stocks, stock indices and digital coins. An exchange intermediary provides ample opportunities for earning, but is he an honest representative of the industry? We will answer this question in today’s review!

What advantages does the broker talk about?

Alvexo positions itself as a well-known broker that is fully focused on training and serving beginners. It takes a unique approach based on platform technology innovation and long-term customer satisfaction. The company aims to empower and educate trailers by giving them free access to modern technological systems. The broker provides its investor with everything necessary for profitable trading in global markets.

Exchange intermediary Alvexo talks about its unique qualities:

Alvexo's unique qualities

  1. Absolute security. The company pays great attention to the protection of client capital. It respects the standards of the financial sector, providing only the highest quality service. The invested funds are immediately sent to the client’s deposit and are kept in segregated accounts. This protects them from third party encroachment and misuse.
  2. Technological equipment. The company constantly invests in the development of modern technologies. Innovative developments allow you to get quick access to the financial market. They provide the client with a wide range of financial assets, applications and platforms with powerful analytical tools. Thus, a registered participant in the system receives advanced trading opportunities.
  3. Support. Customer service is the main mission of the brokerage project. Competent staff is aware of the importance of high-quality brokerage services, and therefore provides qualified assistance in the shortest possible time. Consultants answer the questions raised and seek to solve the problems that have arisen.
  4. Wide range of services. The company provides access to daily signals, a trading academy. She supplies her clients with ready-made tutorials, webinars, daily analytical reports. The exchange intermediary directs efforts to train beginners, dynamic support in the development of financial centers around the world.
  5. Developments. The exchange intermediary regularly organizes events that each registered participant can attend. He holds conferences and seminars all over the world, talking about profitable trading strategies. To receive timely notifications about upcoming events, just subscribe.

The brokerage company is trying to attract as many market players as possible to its site. She talks about working closely with a million traders around the world. Despite loud statements, a stock player should not make a hasty decision on cooperation. First of all, he must check the reputation of the project and the regulation in one of the reliable state bodies. If the firm is not controlled by anyone, then it can turn any fraud with client money.

Tariff plans of Alvexo brokerage company

Tariff plans for company clients

The investor can choose the appropriate account type and start successful trading. He is provided with 4 tariff plans with different starting capital. Considering their financial capabilities, the trader will determine the best account for cooperation with Alvexo:

  • Limited risk is the fare for beginners and conservative players. It provides for a deposit of 500 euros, trading is carried out with spreads of 2.9 pips, no leverage is provided. As investment products, currency pairs, commodities, indices and cryptographic coins can be used. Individual support is provided once a month.
  • Gold – starts from a deposit of 10,000 euros, spreads from 2.2 points. Leverage is available at a ratio of 1:30, trade size starts from 0.05 lot. Individual support is provided 3 times a month.
  • Premium – the minimum contribution starts from 50 thousand euros. Spread level from 1.8 pips, leverage remains unchanged. Trading is carried out from 0.1 lot, in addition to standard financial instruments, bonds and stocks are available. Margin requirements are communicated by e-mail, Margin call signals are received in the format of SMS messages.
  • Elite is the most expensive plan. To activate it, you need to contact your personal manager. The brokerage portal does not indicate the amount of starting capital, spreads are from 0.1 points. The minimum trading volume is 0.25 lots. The trader gets access to European and American stocks. He can enjoy unlimited individual support. The depositor gains free access to all services, the account manager is connected via a direct line.

Each of the presented tariffs has its advantages and disadvantages. To choose a suitable cooperation option, a market player must think about the quality of brokerage services. Checking the integrity of the company is easy, just read the reviews and expert reviews. Great attention should be paid to legal documents, because only regulated brokers provide quality trading services.

Alvexo broker website

Conclusion: will it be possible to make money with Alvexo?

On independent portals, you can find both positive and negative comments. Authors of angry reviews complain about strict deposit requirements and not the most favorable trading conditions. Traders believe that the company employs incompetent employees. Trading on the news did not bring the expected result. There are constant requotes and slippages on the platform. There are also accolades describing fair performance in global markets. The company provides a convenient system, allowing you to earn on pricing. Due to the presence of negative comments, we cannot recommend this service.

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