Fondex Analysis: Conditions and Working Platforms

Fondex Analysis: Conditions and Working Platforms

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overview of the brokerage company Fondex

Fondex offers to trade using crypto currencies. She talks about using an advanced platform, bitcoin and fiat trading accounts. Among financial assets, there are more than 10 CFD contracts for cryptocurrency. All trades go directly to the market, which ensures fast data transfer and the best execution prices. The company guarantees a 100% first deposit bonus, but an investor should not blindly believe in beautiful promises. Before starting cooperation, it is recommended to make your own review, identifying the advantages and disadvantages of the project.

Description of the brokerage company

Fondex talks about its commitment to providing quality services. It claims a high level of brokerage service, exceptional value and reliability. At the moment, a registered client can trade about 600 financial instruments from 7 classes. All transactions are carried out through an advanced trading platform with low commissions.

The Fondex exchange intermediary points out the following competitive advantages:

Advantages of Fondex brokerage company

  1. Tight spreads and low commissions. Costs are minimized, and therefore a trader can make profitable transactions using any strategy.
  2. A dedicated support team answers questions 24 hours a day.
  3. Fast and reliable order execution. Transactions are brought to global markets within seconds.
  4. Mobile terminal available. A special application is installed on any smartphone, after which free access to global markets is provided. The investor will be able to conduct transactions anywhere, regardless of their actual location.
  5. Copy trades and algorithmic trading are available. With the help of the latest developments, a market player can significantly simplify his daily activities.
  6. Fast deposits and withdrawals. The company undertakes to make payments within a few business days. Commission deductions are not charged.

The company calls itself the ideal broker for building a diversified investment portfolio, but this claim needs to be verified. Before replenishing the initial deposit, it is recommended to review client reviews and legal documents. If the office has been seen in fraud, then it is better to refuse to cooperate with it.

Fondex broker trading conditions

What trading conditions does the broker offer?

The company is committed to continuous development. A registered client can enjoy a reliable ecosystem that provides a range of services. The trader receives useful information about global markets and a detailed guide to working with the trading platform. Specialists hold webinars, talking about market research and high-yield strategies.

Fondex sets the following trading conditions for retail and institutional traders:

  • All transactions are carried out using a unique platform.
  • Spreads start from 0.5 pips, commissions are completely absent.
  • Margin trading is available, allowing you to significantly increase your invested capital. Leverage is available at a ratio of 1:500.
  • For market trading, currency pairs, precious metals, crypto coins, stocks, ETFs and energy carriers can be used.
  • The company does not set a minimum deposit, and therefore an investor can start with any amount.
  • A one-click trading function is available. Allowed scalping and hedging.
  • Negative balance protection is provided.

The brokerage company offers to use a variety of order types. It provides for the installation of stop losses and take profits, allowing you to fix the result. The client can trade manually or use the automatic system. The service of copying transactions will allow you to adopt the experience of professional players, earning on a proven strategy.

Fondex platform

Characteristics of the working platform

The exchange intermediary has developed its own terminal called Fondex cTrader. It provides optimal execution speed, allowing the client to use 3 different trading methods on the same interface. The platform was created in order to satisfy even the most demanding players. The company claims that its development is an ideal system for trading in manual or automatic mode.

The client receives professional analysis tools at his disposal. It can easily build price charts, carrying out a qualitative analysis of global markets. There are several options for the execution of orders, and therefore the trader will be able to implement absolutely any strategy. He will use advanced risk management tools, fixing profits and minimizing losses. The official website describes the numerous advantages of the platform, but how does trading actually take place? To answer this question, you need to study customer reviews.

Fondex website

Conclusion: is it worth registering with Fondex?

Traders often complain about the disgusting terms of cooperation. The trading platform works very poorly, it constantly freezes, not allowing you to make profitable trades. Technical support staff does not solve the problems that have arisen, pointing to a poor Internet connection. Some market players point to the theft of invested funds. After submitting an application for withdrawal, the money was debited, but never credited to the account. Apparently, Fondex is engaged in fraud. We do not recommend cooperating with a suspicious office.

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