What does the YSB LTD project do? Trades or deceives investors?

What does the YSB LTD project do? Trades or deceives investors?

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YSB LTD broker review

Exchange intermediary YSB LTD calls itself the absolute leader in the industry, but few people know about it. The firm is rarely discussed online, and most of the specialized reviews clearly indicate the deception of traders. In this article, we will understand how the project functions and whether it is a SCAM. Having received fresh information about the company, the trader will be able to choose the best intermediary for long-term cooperation.

YSB LTD Legend: Fact or Fiction?

The information resource ysb.ltd assures the visitor that he is dealing with a promising brand. The founders of the project are trying to create the illusion of expert service in the world markets. A potential client is promised an unforgettable way to conquer the financial Olympus. The company talks about numerous awards that allegedly confirm the high quality of services. In fact, all these merits are fake and speak only of the vanity of the creators of the project.

The audit showed that the brokerage web resource was created for only 5 rubles. Such a severe budget constraint indicates the low quality of the services provided. Most likely, the scammers did not want to spend their capital on a dubious project, the purpose of which is to deceive investors. SCAM was designed for beginners who do not understand the topic at all and cannot distinguish a real broker from a scammer.

Pseudo broker YSB LTD contacts

Advantages of YSB LTD on the official website

Trying to look better, the exchange intermediary invented non-existent virtues and published their list on his web portal. All these aspects were to attract potential customers and convince the investor to make the largest possible investment. In fact, loud phrases and empty promises can only offend novice market players. Experienced traders understand that they have another SCAM project in front of them.

Among the advantages of YSB LTD are:

  • Regulation recognized by the FCA Securities Commission.
  • Award for the best broker in Eastern Europe in 2020.
  • Successful implementation of trading activities since 2012.
  • All trade transactions comply with international standards.
  • After registration, the trader receives a highly functional terminal with a unique design. It gains free access to world markets.
  • The firm owns its own think tank.

We are dealing with an extremely dubious company that offers its services under the YSB LTD brand. The company acquired someone else’s domain registered in 2011. At the same time, the site acquired its name only in October 2020. Apparently, the project has been functioning for a couple of years and is not at all experienced. He brazenly lies about his merits, luring wealthy investors to the trading floors.

What do YSB LTD customers think: company reviews

The analysis showed that the network contains both positive and negative comments about the work of YSB LTD. The broker took care of its reputation by publishing a lot of false reviews. At the same time, honest user messages have already begun to appear on independent portals. The exchange intermediary is called another sharaga, which breeds people for large sums.

Traders lost tens of thousands on the YSB LTD platform. Personal account does not allow making payments. All processes are going well until the withdrawal request is submitted. After the application, the trading account is blocked without explanation. The exchange player failed to get a response from YSB LTD employees. The negative on independent resources clearly indicates the criminal machinations of the office.

Broker reviews YSB LTD

This firm has been operating for only a few years, but has already managed to deceive several decent traders. When choosing the best option for cooperation, we recommend avoiding the dubious YSB LTD project. A review of customer reviews allowed us to draw a definite conclusion about the prospects for cooperation. After replenishing the deposit, the trader will face refusal of payments and account blocking.

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