Swiss company UBS-GROUPS: scam or broker?

Swiss company UBS-GROUPS: scam or broker?

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UBS-GROUPS broker review

UBS-GROUPS positions itself as a reliable brand based in Switzerland. According to the representatives of the company, it was established in 1996 and still provides high-quality financial services. On the network you can find several client reviews indicating the criminal fraud of the project. Today’s article will help determine how the office actually functions.

About UBS-GROUPS: project overview

The site does not allow you to analyze the available services, because technical work is underway on it. As a rule, reliable brokers maintain their sites in a timely manner and do not make such mistakes. The lack of access to the official resource indicates a low professional level of employees. If a firm is not able to maintain its portal, then it cannot have high-quality analytical tools and trading platforms.

According to the representatives of the brand, the company annually receives awards for providing quality services. It has been serving market players for 25 years, but there is very little real commentary on the web. The vast majority of Russian-speaking users talk about fraud by UBS-GROUPS. The company claims leadership among competitors, while in fact it does not carry out any sales transactions.

The check showed that the domain name of the official portal was registered in May last year. The project is covered by the name of a real company that has been operating on the world market for decades. All the information presented is a hoax designed to lure gullible newbies. The company seeks to take client funds and get out of sight. That is why she does not publish the names of her creators, hides the real addresses.

UBS-GROUPS broker tariff plans

Trading services UBS-GROUPS on the official website

The exchange player can choose one of the tariffs presented on the broker’s website. Each account provides its own nuances of cooperation. The company promises to provide a whole range of services after connecting to the UBS-GROUPS system:

  1. A wide variety of tariff plans, among which everyone can choose their best option.
  2. Bonus, the size of which directly depends on the activated tariff. The higher the initial deposit, the larger the bonus accruals.
  3. Analytical support is available to all clients of the firm.
  4. Some tariffs provide personal support.
  5. The client receives special trading signals with which you can earn on the world markets.
  6. The entry threshold is 250 US dollars. With this amount at their disposal, the trader will be able to start full-fledged cooperation with the brand.

Checking legal information showed that UBS-GROUPS is a broker without registration and licenses. In fact, this organization simply does not exist. The exchange intermediary works under a fake name and encourages investors to make the largest possible investment. There are no documents on the official website that would confirm the legality of the operations.

UBS-GROUPS brand reputation: negative reviews

Affected exchange players talk about how they opened a deposit on the UBS-GROUPS website. Reviews indicate that managers are deliberately offering to switch to high-risk assets, luring out huge sums. During a strong drawdown in bitcoin, the consultant even replenished the account with his thousand dollars, but then withdrew it. When trying to take the profit received, the employee stopped answering questions.


Experienced traders do not recommend investing in the UBS-GROUPS fraudulent office. Withdrawals are not made, and the exchange player is left with empty pockets anyway. The swindler creates an illusion of market trading, behind which a standard SCAM project is hidden. Experts recommend refusing to cooperate with a suspicious firm.

An angry review about the broker UBS-GROUPS

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