Review of the dubious Sincere Group project

Review of the dubious Sincere Group project

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Sincere Group broker review

The website of the Sincere Group broker says that the service creates a global ecosystem for providing a full cycle of services in the financial industry. The platform is a primitive one-pager without any specifics, so claims of global work are hard to believe.
Is there any reason to think that Sincere Group is a hoax?

What is known about the Sincere Group project?

There is simply no information about Sincere Group on the site. There are no sections with a roadmap, development team, legal documents here. But there is a link to the YouTube channel, where it is reported that the service is a “British investment fund” – this corresponds to the presence of only an English version on the working official website of the Sincere Group.
But here’s what’s interesting – the country of registration of the channel is Ukraine. It is known that the Sincere Group broker previously worked in Russian and hung noodles about work experience since 2014. Be that as it may, the scam is not regulated by anyone; Sincere Systems LTD is specified in the agreement, the heads of which are Ukrainians, but there is no permission to offer brokerage services, as a review of documents showed from the Sincere Group.

What services does the company offer?

There is no specific description of trading instruments, and it is unlikely that it will become available after registration with the Sincere Group. Broker services are as follows:

  • own service token SNT with an automated financial model – white paper is not presented, trading volume is not given;
  • decentralized analytics and monitoring – transactions can be tracked on the blockchain, but Sincere Group does not specify how this is done;
  • wallet for storing, receiving and exchanging cryptocurrency;
  • debit cards for direct payment and withdrawal.

Site of the Sincere Group company

There are doubts whether it is worth opening an account with Sincere Group, because there is no information about the above possibilities on the site, and it is also impossible to install a wallet. The conditions for trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies are not described anywhere; the implementation of the withdrawal of funds from the Sincere Group is not reported.

Sincere Group broker contacts and user reviews

As you know, the service has been operating since 2019, and during this time it managed not only to change, but also to lose the Russian version. The sharashka left absolutely no contacts for communication, but the developers of the Sincere Group divorce require users to provide full information about themselves.
There are no positive comments on the Internet. In negative reviews about Sincere Group, users report that crooks do not allow withdrawing money and block accounts.

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