Luno crypto exchange check for honesty. What do reviews say?

Luno crypto exchange check for honesty. What do reviews say?

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Luno crypto exchange review

The Luno crypto exchange has existed since 2013, and during this time it managed to acquire a five million client base. The company’s coverage covers 40 countries, and the main vector of activity is focused on emerging markets. So, users from Nigeria, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa can purchase coins for the national currency.
The site is available in English, French and Malaysian. It states that the site makes investing as simple as possible for millions of people from all over the world. has a lot of documentation – separate files for each country in which it operates.

Luno crypto exchange documentation

You can get acquainted with them even without prior registration – everything is transparent and posted on the official website of the crypto exchange.
Luno is a centralized marketplace. So, the keys to users’ wallets are stored with her. As a rule, such exchanges are well protected from various kinds of leaks and hacker attacks. Of course, if the account owners themselves do not transfer personal information into the hands of scammers.
The most interesting thing is that the company offers only two fiat currencies for transactions: the pound sterling and the euro. This is a little strange, given its multinationality and long life.

More about trading offers of the Luno crypto exchange

First of all, this is a multifunctional service with a free multi-currency wallet for quick exchange and purchase and sale of digital assets. It is also equipped with an investment system that allows traders to earn income from crypto deposits. The interest rate on it is 7.6%.
The tokens offered by the platform are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, USD Coin and some others, ten in total. The main operations are performed on the author’s terminal from Luno, which is supported not only in web format, but also on mobile devices.
Also, this cryptocurrency exchange offers novice traders free training courses on the basics of investing.
The minimum deposit to start trading here is $1, and the leverage is 1:1. Fees range from 0 to 0.2% per trade.
Vacancies are listed in a separate section on the company’s website. Luno offers job seekers a full benefits package: health insurance, training, equipment, the ability to work remotely, mandatory vacation, and even an inspiration day. It is noteworthy that in this tab there is a photo of the exchange team, which increases the level of trust in it.

What do users say about the Luno exchange?

A large number of reviews are concentrated on the Internet about the fraudulent potential of the Luno trading platform. Look at them for yourself:

Review of Luno crypto exchange

Negative reviews about Luno crypto exchange

At the same time, there are also positive comments:

Positive comments about the Luno crypto exchange

Positive feedback about Luno crypto exchange

Which of the users to believe is not clear. Perhaps the site deceives depositors selectively or buys good reviews about itself.

Review results

Crypto exchange Luno as a company leaves a double impression of itself. On the one hand, it is actually popular, has the necessary documentation and is well protected, but on the other hand, it offers only 10 tokens for trading, has a lot of negative reviews and ineffective support. Whether to accept these flaws of the company is your choice. When doing it, think carefully about what will happen if you suddenly lose your deposit due to the fault of

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